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From the next semester of junior year, the school opened the course of computer network, I found that my world more than some longing, a little more early courage. Before the junior, I can say is a muddle through the more than half of good university time, until the computer network teacher said: Interested students can go to see CCNA things, feel necessary, you can go to test a certificate.

So, after class, the weekend time suddenly enriched, even stay up, even if not eat breakfast, also like there is reason to wayward children, have been buried in their favorite Cisco technology world.

Through a summer vacation efforts, finally to the CCNA certificate, began the CCIE learning journey.

Learn CCIE course, only to find that CCNA is just a beginning, is the most basic thing. However, to be extra serious, because learning good CCNA knowledge, the back of learning CCNP and CCIE knowledge is very important.

First of all, I have to stress a little, is the cliché, interest is the best teacher, you do not care, this is the reason I before the university and after a large part of life on the road, I also hear my ears are bored. However, you will never know what kind of corner you will meet to determine the rest of your life, such as your career direction, your spouse, your new life goals and so on. I was completely free of my hands and feet after I had tasted the real feeling of interest in this somewhat mysterious way.

Do you care about eating nutritious meals?

Do you care if you go to sports for a day to keep the figure you deserve?

Do you care if your bad habit of smoking and drinking beer has a bad effect on your body?

Do you care about having a girlfriend and being a nerd all day?

I pooh! I'm going to make the technology, these are scum!

Do you understand me? This is the interest, at the beginning, you do not have any plans, do not worry about how you learn, is to do! 1.1 Points of knocking, 1.1 points of accumulation, when you in a very large topology to the remote host and other host Ping, you will feel that everything is worthwhile, you will think that the TM game is a waste of time, you will feel that you have to continue. Yes, to buy a can of Red Bull, drink, continue to read, continue to knock.

Well, I now feel that time at the fingertips of the passing of the feeling more and more real, sometimes to the laboratory or in the classroom study, knocking on the time to eat. In a word, you like to find a can fill all of your empty time of things, and then, anxious to soak in the inside all day, want to not sleep, it is to practice it, is to go to a stage after the end, in retrospect will feel the original so really is a little tired ah!

Write here today, will be irregular updates, technical, non-technical, I will adhere to.

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Cisco Technology Path

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