Cisco Unified Messaging System 7.0 New Features

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This article mainly introduces in detail what improvements have been made to Cisco's Unified Communication System and what are the latest functions, and gives a detailed explanation of these instructions, I hope this article will help you understand the Unified Communication.

Brian Riggs, analyst at Current Analysis at a market research firm, said I am not clear about your response, but I was taken the lead by Cisco's important unified messaging product last week. Eric wrote a good article about Web 2.0 of this product. However, this product has many features. There are many other things about Collaboration. Cisco's telephone and unified communication solutions are now one of four products under the new "collaboration" brand. Then there is a Unified Communication System 7.0 (uniied Communications System 7.0 ). This system is not a system, but a current product portfolio and a new and enhanced communication product. Unified Messaging System 7.0 is also a way for Cisco to better coordinate and test increasingly large combinations of communication systems and software products.
Riggs said that the product's enhanced features are of the greatest interest. He cannot find any details about the product enhancements. He heard that Cisco released 40 upgraded products and more than 800 new features last week. Analyst Riggs said he is interested in Cisco's unified messaging system 7.0 messages, including:

* The Unified Communication Manager is only available on Linux servers. However, this is not entirely true. Windows-based version 4.3 has not been released until the end of its lifecycle. However, there are plans to provide the same level of SIP support for this version and Linux version. Version 4.3 of the software will continue to be sold to enterprise users without Cisco PBX. However, cisco will no longer actively develop this product. Riggs said that if you want to know how to get the latest and best PBX software from Cisco, I expect the future to be a Linux server.

* Meeting Place 7.0 includes an integrated video conferencing MCU (Multi-Point Video Conferencing) system. Therefore, audio and video conferencing can be performed on the same 1U server.

* Unified Video Conference 5.6 (a part of the Unified Communication System 7.0, although stubborn product managers refuse to adopt the Unified Communication Department's new product numbering system) multi-party desktop video conferencing is now available to Microsoft Office communications and IBM Sametime software users. Previously, this software only provided point-to-point video conferencing. Now we have integrated the Unified Video Conferencing and CISCO TelePresence systems.

* Regarding the third-party Unified Communication integration, the online status of the Communication Manager phone can be displayed in the IBM Sametime client software, and the click meeting function from the Sametime software. For Microsoft integration, you can click the phone function from the Office application software, and click the phone function from the Microsoft Office communicator client software and Cisco's IP Phone.

* Adaptive Security Appliance 8.0 (managed by another Cisco product team and not added to the Unified Communication System 7.0) now supports VPN Client software that can run directly on a Cisco IP Phone. Therefore, these products can be used in the Home Office and other remote sites, and can be deployed on remote sites without VPN devices.

* The uniied Presence 7.0 can share the online phone status information with the Mobile Personal Communicator. Previously, Cisco's desktop and mobile online status solutions were isolated from each other.

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