Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions vs. VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions

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deliver virtual desktops for a variety of scenarios through XenDesktop and Flexcast
problems with Enterprise desktops

Providing a secure and efficient desktop environment for each user is a basic requirement for almost any company or organization. If users cannot use their desktops or applications, the company will not be able to operate efficiently. Every few years, almost every company or organization has a large-scale adoption of new operating systems, new hardware, or new applications, which requires a lot of manpower to build, test, and publish the latest systems on a large scale. This cumbersome process often delays many business-friendly upgrades, which in turn may prevent companies from responding quickly to market demands.

While many vendors offer automated tools to help deploy new applications and operating systems, the problem is that traditional approaches, which will be deployed to a large number of end customers, are not the best approach. This traditional approach is likely to adversely affect users and businesses, such as:

? The important data of enterprise in the terminal is easily leaked through various ways;

? The loss of end-user equipment caused by data loss and other major security risks;

? Damage to the operating system or application due to malicious or unintentional behavior requires a lot of troubleshooting and repair time, resulting in end-user downtime;

? Significant costs associated with new hardware purchases, resulting in system upgrade delays.

In addition, for a large number of staff of computer maintenance work, the main challenges are facing the following:

? Client operating system, application client needs to be constantly upgraded and patched

? Client anti-virus, anti-malware task arduous, can't expect every user to be expert

? Client hardware needs to be upgraded every three years or so,

? Many security products are deployed and data is still vulnerable to leaks

To ensure that security has to sacrifice a lot of convenience, the system uses complex


Compared to the old-fashioned approach of deploying operating systems and applications to all terminal physical workstations, the new approach--citrix Virtual desktop solutions to provide users with a secure desktop design environment without the time and expense associated with large-scale publishing of desktops and ensuring data security.

A virtual desktop is a desktop operating system, which is a virtual operating system running on a server. In Virtual desktop mode, everyone enjoys their own operating system. There are many benefits to desktop OS virtualization, including:

? Information is kept in the data center to ensure the security of the data;

? The performance of the desktop can be improved because it and the application backend server are running in the data center;

? The desktop can share the latest and most powerful server hardware;

? Remote access to desktops from any location;

? The cost of maintaining the desktop is greatly reduced.

In response to the above problems, we recommend that you address these challenges with Citrix XenDesktop Virtual desktop solutions. The Citrix XenDesktop Desktop Virtualization solution provides an end-to-end desktop management solution. Dynamically generate virtual desktops on demand, all of which run in remote data center rooms without worrying about security breaches caused by data residing on the client. Users get a clean, personalized, new desktop every time they log on-ensuring that performance does not degrade.

The XenDesktop solution contains many components to provide the best solution for each enterprise's unique needs. The overall architecture of the complete solution for desktop virtualization.

The scenario will adopt the five core components of the architecture:

1. Virtualization Infrastructure (Virtualized infrastructure): A virtualized infrastructure allows a single physical server to be divided into virtual servers that share multiple resources. The virtualization infrastructure of this scenario is the base

Built on XenServer or vsphere because it is part of the XenDesktop overall solution.

2. Virtual Desktop Delivery Controller: Virtual Desktop Delivery Controller is responsible for registering new virtual desktops and pointing requests for virtual desktops to available systems. The user interacts with the controller indirectly through the consolidated Web interface component. Deliver virtual desktops to users through a Web site, or through a locally installed sink.

3. Virtual Desktop Provisioning: Provisioning Server for XenDesktop Solutions provides operating system mirroring for Virtual desktop instances on a virtualized infrastructure. A basic operating system image is created that includes all the operating system-level configurations specified by the enterprise policy. When each virtual desktop is started, the operating system is delivered through the network to the virtual desktop via streaming technology. Because only the basic image is required to be upgraded, and all virtual desktops will use the latest image on the next reboot.

4. Application Delivery Controller (Application Delivery Controllers): The application Delivery controller is responsible for identifying and delivering the apps assigned to the user to the virtual desktops. Application delivery is the first part of User desktop personalization based on user requirements. By separating the app from the basic desktop image, the number of desktop images required is greatly reduced, which simplifies the maintenance process.

5. Personalization: The personalization of the solution allows users to customize their work environment as needed. With user personalization, user settings are saved and saved personalization can be used regardless of which desktop the user accesses. User personalization is not purely a roaming feature, because Citrix User Profile Manager removes all unnecessary settings and retains only the values that are valuable to the user. Also, the delivery of personalization is optimized so that users do not have to wait long for the virtual desktop to load.

Program Advantages

With Citrix Desktop delivery technology, users use legacy PCs or appropriate computing devices, such as small thin clients with monitors and keyboards-often referred to as virtual desktop devices or VDI, where users install virtual desktops from the data center, which has many advantages over traditional desktop models:

1. Security enhancement

? Virtual desktop operating system is placed in the data center, relative to the traditional PC, not vulnerable to malicious attacks.

? Security patches can only be installed on a standard Windows image in the datacenter.

? When desktop hardware is replaced by other "thin devices", it can reduce the possibility of users stealing information and importing computer viruses by prohibiting the use of removable storage devices such as USB.

? Information is kept in the data center to ensure the security of the data;

2, operation and maintenance cost reduction

? Concentrating your PC in a data center can also speed up the creation of a new desktop, usually by installing a file that contains the existing Virtual PC desktop.

? The patches needed for a Virtual PC can also be installed quickly without having to access the individual work areas.

? The cost of maintaining the desktop is greatly reduced.

Product line:

Citrix Workspace Cloud

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VMware's Mobile Virtual desktop platform, VMware Horizon 6, integrates with the software-defined data center to centrally manage any type of enterprise applications and desktops, including physical desktops, laptops, virtual desktops and applications, and employee PCs, For the end user to bring a complete virtual desktop experience, and the platform has a good security and manageability, effectively meet the needs of end users.

Extend the power of virtualization from the datacenter to the device. Vmwarehorizon®6 can deliver virtualized or hosted desktops and applications to end users through a single platform. These desktop and application services, including RDS hosted applications, VMware thinapp® packaged applications, SaaS applications, and even virtualized applications from Citrix, can be accessed from a single unified workspace through any device, location, media, and connectivity. With closed-loop management and optimized for software-defined data centers, Horizon 6 helps IT departments to control, manage, and protect all Windows resources that end users need, at the speed of end-user expectations and the efficiency of the business unit requirements.


VMware Horizon 6 is innovative in application delivery, from data center to device-side management, storage optimization, and flexible hybrid delivery, enabling simpler and more cost-effective delivery, protection, and management of enterprise desktops and applications. Now that individual employees have a variety of mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, the need for multi-point access puts a lot of pressure on the company's IT department to provide a high level of service and access support to the corporate IT department.

All the new features of VMware Horizon 6 are integrated into an all-in-a-way solution, and IT organizations can manage Windows apps and desktops with ease, while Horizon 6 can centrally manage enterprise applications and Windows operating systems, update flexibility and predictability, and Horizon 6 delivers the flexibility to deliver the entire desktop or only applications to end users.

? Virtual access between multiple locations and multiple devices;

? Physical synchronization of the entire desktop image with the end-user laptop, enabling both online and offline access;

? Securely deliver apps and content within a managed security environment, with support for your own computer devices.

Regardless of usage, VMware Horizon 6 provides a consistent, self-service user experience and access to enterprise applications through a unified workspace.

Main application Scenarios

VMware horizon® Solution Features

Deliver desktops and applications from a single platform

Deliver virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform that streamlines management, easily authorizes end users, and quickly delivers the Windows resources they need at the speed required by end users. Full support for rich 3D graphics with the VMware with NVIDIA GRID VGPU. Support printing, USB drives, smart cards, scanners, and even virtual desktops and hosted applications and desktops on more devices, including Google Chromebook

Linux and Windows Desktops

Provide support for more use cases in your organization, including easy access to Windows and Linux desktops for task-based employees, mobile workers, and developers. In addition to Microsoft Windows, Horizon now supports RHEL, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Neokylin.

Deliver a great user experience with a unified workspace

With Horizon 6, end users can access desktops and applications (including hosted RDS applications, packaged Thinapps, SaaS applications, and even Citrix virtualized applications) through a unified workspace to deliver next-generation user experiences across devices, locations, media, and connections.

Workspace Environment Management

Consolidate, automate, and protect user computing resources and enhance control. Deliver and update apps in seconds with app Volumes. Easily monitor performance, set proactive alerts, and repair infrastructure, desktops, and apps to improve user experience and improve user satisfaction.

Can be built on a software-defined data center

Horizon 6 is supported by a VMware software-defined datacenter that leverages the following core features and solutions to improve security, streamline operations, and shorten time to value:

? VMware Virtual San: currently supports 4,000 desktops per cluster, Virtual San automates storage provisioning and leverages direct-attached storage resources to reduce storage costs for desktop workloads.

? Virtual volumes:virtual Volumes, VMware NAS, and SAN storage systems simplify storage management and policy settings. Leverage the benefits of View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) for block storage and NFS for faster load offload, providing better SLAs and higher performance

? Evo:rail: Leveraging the power of virtual SAN and SDDC, Evo:rail enables organizations to leverage hyper-converged virtual appliances that are more easily procured, deployed, managed, and scaled to deliver superior performance with growing demand. Transform your physical desktop into a secure virtual workspace in a cost-effective and fast way. Learn more about this solution

? Nsx:vmware NSX with Horizon makes VDI network connections fast and easy by leveraging security policies that follow end-user dynamic movement across infrastructure, devices, and locations. Learn more about this solution and how to add VMware NSX to your Horizon deployment

Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions vs. VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions

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