Citrix releases Xa/xd 7.6 Feature Pack 3

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Since last year, Citrix products have basically been adhering to the last day of each quarter, a large-scale update of the Xenapp/xendesktop 7.6 version of the habit, September 30 This day no accident, released Feature Pack 3.

An important part of this update is full support for Windows 10. As Microsoft released Windows 10 on July 29, manufacturers began supporting Windows 10 with support for Windows 10 through the TP version of the VDA earlier. Citrix now begins full and formal support for Windows 10.

Windows Virtual Desktops

    • Windows 10 Experience Support

    • MCS Desktop Provisioning

    • PVs Desktop Provisioning (Tech Preview)

    • Personal VDI (Personal vDisk)

    • Framehawk Integration

    • 4K resolution and multi-screen support

Windows Remote PC Access

    • Remote access to physical PCs

    • Light client, no VPN required

    • Encrypted access via NetScaler

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With Appdna full support for Windows 10, users can easily evaluate how to migrate apps to the Windows 10 platform.

Verify Windows & Microsoft Edge (Web Browser):

Apply a compatible report

Correction recommendations

Life Cycle Management

    • Disable jailbroken access to IOS devices

Receiver for IOS recognizes that recognition is jailbroken


Users can choose dismiss and continue


Administrators can choose whether to prevent users from accessing published desktops and apps

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    • New, fixed DDC default policy template. Citrix's product and advisory team adjusts existing policy templates based on project experience.

Server High Scalability

Server High Scalability-legacy operating systems

WAN optimization

Optimized for WAN-legacy operating systems

Optimized for Cloudbridge

Security and control

High-Definition user experience

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    • For newer operating systems, a new display engine is available to reduce bandwidth requirements and improve terminal compatibility.

Available to Windows 2012R2 and Windows 10, 8/8.1 using

Lower bandwidth usage

Optimize server scalability

More efficient than the existing default protocol

Support for lower end devices

Older or lower-end thin clients that cannot be decoded using Supercodec

Lower bandwidth requirements for delivery of Microsoft Office class applications

For USB electronic signatures, drawing devices, in the Internet scene to provide a better use experience.

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Details can be found on the Citrix official website.


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Citrix releases Xa/xd 7.6 Feature Pack 3

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