Civilization 3 Map of the second-large n-type map

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This map has almost no islands, the whole continent is joined together like a large n-shaped, blue-green China on the right corner of N, the following is yellow Egypt and green Japan, the left is purple India and light green Greece, and then left is blue Germany and brown Britain, in Germany Greece below is red Rome.


The left-hand side of China's capital can be developed into a major city, with horse farms up and down, suitable for cavalry to swallow up the world. But there is a two-line combat problem, I tried the scheme of the West, the first to deal with India, Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom, the process of taking some scrap city from time to bribe the Egyptian Japan and Rome, but also to exchange some money with their resources. After the completion of the clearing of Egyptian Japan, notice that the soldiers will be assembled more and then declare war, because these two countries are also a lot of soldiers. Finally took care of Pianan Rome.


This map takes a long time, I am 920 years end, get more than 7,300 points. The west of the soldiers to the east to lay Egypt, Japan, and the army to play Rome to the east of the time, the estimated adjustment strategy such as the East before the final Pingnan or West Levy finally Pingnan the final East Levy can be accelerated, suffering from enough time to try.

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Civilization 3 Map of the second-large n-type map

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