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// Config. JS parameter description // whether to update the data config in the element automatically when a form containing the editor is submitted. autoupdateelement = true // the editor's Z-index value config. basefloatzindex = 10000 // set whether to use the absolute directory or relative directory. If it is empty, it is the relative directory config. basehref = ''// set the shortcut keys from top to bottom: Get focus, element focus, text menu, undo, redo, redo, Link, bold, italic, and underline config. keystrokes = [[ckeditor. alt + 121/* F10 */, 'toolbarfo'], [ckeditor. alt + 122/* F11 */, 'elementspathfocal '], [ckeditor. shift + 121/* F10 */, 'textmenu '], [ckeditor. CT RL + 90/* z */, 'undo '], [ckeditor. CTRL + 89/* y */, 'redo '], [ckeditor. CTRL + ckeditor. shift + 90/* z */, 'redo '], [ckeditor. CTRL + 76/* l */, 'link'], [ckeditor. CTRL + 66/* B */, 'bold '], [ckeditor. CTRL + 73/* I */, 'italic '], [ckeditor. CTRL + 85/* u */, 'underline'], [ckeditor. alt + 109/*-*/, 'toolbarcollapse'] // The shortcut key may conflict with the browser shortcut key plugins/keystrokes/plugin. JS. config. blockedkeystrokes = [Ckeditor. CTRL + 66/* B */, ckeditor. CTRL + 73/* I */, ckeditor. CTRL + 85/* u */] // set the value of the background color of the element to plugins/colorbutton/plugin. JS. config. colorbutton_backstyle = {element: 'span ', styles: {'background-color':' # (color) '}}// set the value of foreground color plugins/colorbutton/plugin. jsconfig. colorbutton_colors = '000000000, 8b4513, 2f4f4f, 008080,41580, 4b0082, 000,800, b22222, a52a2a, daa520, 696969, 40e0d0, rjcd, 006400 080, f00, ff8c00, ffd700, 008000, 0ff, 00f, ee82ee, large, ffa07a, ffa500, FFFF00, 00ff00, large, add8e6, large, large, fff0f5, faebd7, ffffe0, f0fff0, f0ffff, f0f8ff, e6e6fa, fff' // whether the "INS/colorbutton/plugin" option is displayed when the color is selected. jsconfig. colorbutton_enablemore = false // The default value of the foreground color of the block is plugins/colorbutton/plugin. jsconfig. colorbutton_forestyle = {element: 'span ', styles: {'color':' # (color) '}}; // the CSS file to be added here. Config. contentscss = '. /contents.css '; // text direction config. contentslangdirection = 'rtl '; // the configuration file from left to right // ckeditor can be ckeditor if you do not want to leave the configuration blank. replace ('myfied', {customconfig :'. /config. JS '}); // The language configuration on the interface can be set to 'zh-cn. defaultlanguage = 'en'; // INS/dialog/Plugin in the background color of the interface editing box. jsconfig. dialog_backgroundcovercolor = 'rgb (255,254,253) '; // For settings, see config. dialog_backgroundcovercolor = 'white' // default // opacity of the background Value Range: 0.0 ~ Plugins/dialog/plugin between 1.0. jsconfig. dialog_backgroundcoveropacity = 0.5 // The unit of adsorption distance of the border when the elements are moved or changed: pixel plugins/dialog/plugin. jsconfig. dialog_magnetdistance = 20; // whether to reject the local spelling check and the prompt is rejected by default. Currently, only Firefox and Safari support plugins/wysiwygarea/plugin. JS. config. disablenativespellchecker = true // You can edit a table by adding rows or columns. Currently, only Firefox supports plugins/wysiwygarea/plugin. jsconfig. disablenativetablehandles = true; // disabled by default // whether to enable the function of changing the size of images and tables C Onfig. disableobjectresizing = true; config. disableobjectresizing = false // It is enabled by default. // set the HTML file category to config.doc type = '<! Doctype HTML public "-// W3C // dtd xhtml 1.0 transitional // en" ""> '// whether to render plugins/editingblock/plugin the editing area. jsconfig. editingblock = true // The tag config generated by the press enter in the editor. entermode = ckeditor. enter_p // Optional: ckeditor. enter_br or ckeditor. enter_div // whether to use HTML entities to output plugins/entities/plugin. jsconfig. entities = true // define more entities plugins/entities/plugin. jsconfig. entities_add Itional = '#39' // where # replaces & // whether to convert some hard-to-display characters to the corresponding HTML character plugins/entities/plugin. jsconfig. entities_greek = true // whether to convert some Latin characters to HTML plugins/entities/plugin. jsconfig. entities_latin = true; // whether to convert ASCII characters such as: "This is Chinese: Chinese. "converted to:" This is Chinese: Chinese. "plugins/entities/plugin. jsconfig. entities_processnumerical = false // Add the new component config. extraplugins = 'myplugin'; // This is not the default example only. // use the highlighted plugins/find/plugin during search. JS Config. find_highlight = {element: 'span ', styles: {'background-color':' # ff0', 'color': '# 00f '}}; // default INS/font/plugin. jsconfig. font_defaultlabel = 'arial'; // you can add frequently-used Chinese characters to the character set during font Editing: plugins, Font, plugin, and in. jsconfig. font_names = 'arial; Times New Roman; verdana '; // default plugins/font/plugin text. jsconfig. font_style = {element: 'span ', styles: {'font-family': '# (family)'}, overrid ES: [{element: 'font', attributes: {'face': NULL}]}; // default font plugins/font/plugin. jsconfig. fontsize_defaultlabel = '12px '; // optional font plugins/font/plugin during font editing. jsconfig. fontsize_sizes = '8/8px; 9/9px; 10/10 PX; 11/11 PX; 12/12 PX; 14/14 PX; 16/16 PX; 18/18 PX; 20/20 PX; 22/22 PX; 26/26 PX; 28/28 PX; 36/36 PX; 48/48 PX; 72/72 PX '// set the style plugins/font/plugin when the font is large. jsconfig. fontsize_style = {element: 'span ', Styles: {'font-size': '# (size)'}, overrides: [{element: 'font', attributes: {'SIZE': NULL}]}; // whether to force copy the content to remove the format plugins/pastetext/plugin. jsconfig. forcepasteasplaintext = false // not removed // whether to force "&" to replace "&" plugins/htmldataprocessor/plugin. jsconfig. forcesimpleampersand = false; // format the address tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_address = {element: 'address', attributes: {class: 'styled Address '}; // automatically format the DIV tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_div = {element: 'div ', attributes: {class: 'normaldiv'}; // automatically format the H1 tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_h1 = {element: 'h1 ', attributes: {class: 'contenttitle1'}; // automatically format the H2 tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_h2 = {element: 'h2 ', attributes: {class: 'contenttitle2'}; // automatically format the H3 tag plugins/format/P Lugin. jsconfig. format_h1 = {element: 'h3 ', attributes: {class: 'contenttitle3'}; // automatically format the H4 tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_h1 = {element: 'h4 ', attributes: {class: 'contenttitle4'}; // automatically format the H5 tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_h1 = {element: 'h5', attributes: {class: 'contenttitle5' }}; // plugins/format/plugin are automatically formatted for the H6 tag. jsconfig. format_h1 = {element: 'h6', Attributes: {class: 'contenttitle6'}; // automatically format the P tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_p = {element: 'P', attributes: {class: 'normalpara'}; // automatically format the PRE Tag plugins/format/plugin. jsconfig. format_pre = {element: 'pre', attributes: {class: 'code'}; // The names of tags separated by semicolons display plugins/format/plugin on the toolbar. jsconfig. format_tags = 'P; H1; H2; H3; H4; H5; H6; Pre; address; Div '// whether the complete HTML editing mode is used. For example, the source code is Including: <HTML> <body> 

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