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If you can use one word to illustrate the White case, you should never knock on the keyboard. It's not because I'm lazy, but because I'm afraid others are tired.

All focuses equals no focus

In a certain amount of space and time, the ability and energy of a person are limited. A key point for the user is to help the user save time and cost.

For a beautiful but content-free website, no one will visit it for the third time.

The first time was very beautiful. The second time was still beautiful, but the content remained unchanged. The third time was unavailable.

So-called planning: simple problems are complicated, and complicated problems are simplified.

Use complex analysis to deal with simple problems, organize seemingly complex problems, and present them in a simple form

Website planning without technical knowledge

Can a soldier without a gun fight? Can salt and alkali companies become chefs? Can I plan websites without understanding web technologies?

Always consider cost

Computer technology can achieve almost everything, but the cost is different

Do not be superstitious about "Science"

Only technologies that meet user needs make sense. Respecting people is more important than respecting science.

Convince yourself before persuading others

What do you need for each step? If you cannot understand it, ask the search engine first.

Strong analogy

Plain and plain are easier to understand than spring snow

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