Cloud computing Architecture Technology and Practice Series (13) 2.3 Cloud computing Core Architecture Competency Measurement dimension

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2.3 The core architecture of cloud computing competitiveness measurement dimension

From the point of view of the unique business value brought by the introduction of cloud computing technology into traditional data centers, it is important to measure the core competitiveness of cloud computing from two aspects of open source and throttling.

throttling (cost saving) Aspect

In the process of building business systems, cloud computing and virtualization enable enterprise and operator chimney-style software applications to break through the constraints of application boundaries, to fully share the enterprise-wide, industry-wide, and even global public "IT resource pool" without the need to procure and install the actual physical form of the server, Switches and storage hardware, but relies on the virtual it resources (or collections of resources) needed to dynamically request a centralized "it resource pool" to automate the installation and deployment of relevant applications to quickly build it that supports its core business The purpose of the system and the underlying platform. This model can reduce the human and resource input of the system construction, and reduce the initial construction cost of the system.

In the process of business application implementation, relying on the principle of energy saving and emission reduction and resource utilization maximization, the necessary intelligent resources are dynamically dispatched to complete the established business processing or computing tasks, and release the relevant IT resources immediately after the feature business processing or computing tasks are completed for other enterprises / industry applications further dynamic sharing, so that IT Construction and operation of the cost of large-scale optimization and reduction.

In addition, for a special industry involving massive data processing and scientific computing, it is possible to base a common server cluster on a cloud computing data center, based on expensive minicomputer, mainframe or even giant machines, high-end storage arrays, or complex computing and analysis tasks that can take months or even years to complete with a common processing device. It can be easily addressed at a lower cost and in less time.

Open Source (Revenue Generation) Aspect

value for public cloud data center operators:SaaSThe concept of resource services, which has been popularized since the advent of cloud computing concepts, is further expanded toIaaSwith thePaaStier, cloud computing data center operators canIaas/paasThe building of self-service value-added services to cloud users, can also introduce a number of third-party applications run inIaas/paasVirtual machines, virtual desktops, and virtual data center leases that are more value-added than traditional data center hosting services, orthreeSquare Application Development/providers, cloud operators(Iaas/paasCloud Platform Provider)and cloud Tenants/cloud users to share richSaaSthe value-added benefits of the application.

the value of enterprise private cloud data center construction: Cloud computing makes IT infrastructure can create a more efficient and agile integration of business software that tightly binds business and industry businesses, thus greatly improving enterprise IT resources flexibly adapt to and support the enterprise core business processes and business models of rapid changes in the ability to effectively optimize the operational efficiency of business operations.

The value of the massive data analysis and mining capabilities of cloud computing: the ability of enterprises and industries to rely on their massive storage and parallel analysis and processing framework, from their enterprise IT The large amount of historical data produced by the system extracts and extracts the unique information and value which is valuable to it, thus providing an intelligent decision engine for the timely optimization and adjustment of its market and business strategy, thus effectively enhancing the enterprise's competitiveness.

Based on the business value of the Cloud data center solution above, you can measure the competitiveness of your cloud data center solution from the following six major architectural quality attribute metrics (see figure 2-28).

Figure 2-28 Core competencies of cloud computing architecture

Cloud computing Architecture Technology and Practice Series (13) 2.3 Cloud computing Core Architecture Competency Measurement dimension

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