Cloud computing Docker full project Combat (maven+jenkins, log management elk, wordpress blog image)

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In the 2013, the field of cloud computing became more of a noun "Docker". Known for its light weight, it's better to solve application packaging and deployment. We've been building IaaS before, but it's quite complex and complex to achieve unified functionality through IaaS. Encapsulation of particularity into the image to achieve an almost consistent deployment method, it is "Docker", the container as the core of technology to achieve the standardization of the application. Enterprises can quickly generate research and development, test environments, and can be quickly deployed. Achieve consistency from the product development environment to the deployment environment. Docker makes research and development more focused on code writing and is delivered as "mirrored". The product delivery cycle and implementation cycle are greatly shortened.

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Zhang Chunyuan, the earliest Docker practitioner in the country, has more than a year of Docker container management experience in the production environment. A deep understanding of the value of Docker for development, testing, and operational dimensions. Good at using Docker to build the entire DevOps Automation platform. Love the research Dockerfile, and the technology around Docker, CoreOS in-depth study.

Getting started with DockerDocker introduction to Docker's advantages and what can be solved by Docker component composition DockerfileDockerfile Concept dockerfile Command explanation dockerfile writing skills combat dockerfile, generate Nginx, PHP-FPM, mariadb, WordPress image of actual combat cmd and entrypoint difference Docker RegistryThe value of Docker in research and development testing registry Introduction to deploying an Enterprise Private Registry server Building a Java projectManually build a Java project to build the image automatically Docker combined with Jenkins for continuous integrationLaunch Jenkins platform live Docker with Jenkins for continuous integration of Java projects with Docker Docker MonitoringHow to choose the dimension of monitoring platform monitoring what are the actual combat monitoring Docker containers Docker container Log ManagementContainer Log Management method actual Combat Elk Log Management scheme Docker NetworkFamiliar with Docker-supported network patterns familiar with the features of various models Docker communication across hostsOverlay's explanation of the actual combat Docker overlay network for cross-host communication Docker ComposeDocker-compose explains the actual combat docker-compose, deploys applications and upgrades applications Docker container Cluster ManagementDocker swarm in real-combat Docker cluster combat deploy containers to different Docker hosts with different constraints Docker Storage ManagementFamiliar with Docker-supported storage types familiar with various storage features and application scenarios familiarize yourself with Docker volume target one. Initial understanding of Docker technology goal two. Learn the Dockerfile command and write the Dockerfile goal three. By using Dockerfile, you build the Docker mirroring target four. Learn to deploy a private Docker hub and achieve continuous integration goal five with Java Project REAL-combat Docker and Jenkins. Deploy monitoring alarm platform to monitor Docker host and Docker container target six. Learn to deploy the log management platform to collect and analyze container log target seven. Learn to use Docker-compose and achieve one-click Deployment Goal Eight. Learn to build Docker swarm and manage container cluster target nine. Familiar with Docker network mode, and live Docker cross-host communication target 10. Familiar with Docker storage highlights one, the container technology is quietly coming, a technological revolution is approaching, this course is the first in the country so full of Docker real-time course highlights second, the course knowledge covers from the basic primer to Advanced level, the course source code public highlights three, the course of actual cases of actual combat highlights four, Hands-on teaching, follow the video to learn, to familiarize you with Docker technology, enhance competitiveness

Cloud computing Docker full project Combat (maven+jenkins, log management elk, wordpress blog image)

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