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Virtual Host

Shared hosting is also known as a virtual host. It shares the hardware and bandwidth of this server on many websites upstream of a server. If it fails, all the above websites will be inaccessible.



VPs, virtual private server, divides a server into multiple virtual private servers for high-quality services. Each VPs can be assigned an independent public network IP address, independent operating system, independent ultra-large space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution programs, and independent system configurations. In addition to multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, you can also have independent server functions. you can install programs and restart the servers separately.


VPs virtual machines run on a physical server, and ECs virtual machines run on a physical server cluster.


VM instance

Cloud hosting can be viewed as a new generation of shared hosts.

Each customer no longer shares a specific server, but all servers in the cloud.


VM instances have the root permission. Users can reinstall and upgrade the operating system. However, VPs host users do not have the root permission and cannot reinstall or upgrade the operating system.




Virtual Host


VM instance

Supply and deployment time

Days to weeks

Instant, no OS installation required

Real-time, just a few minutes to complete, one-click deployment, or independent installation of the Operating System

Security and reliability

General: The White-board server has a high failure rate, basically no ARP, Trojan and DDOS defense capabilities, basically no backup machine and data backup service.

Poor: program defects, ARP spoofing, viruses, and resource occupation installed by other VPs vendors on the same physical server will seriously affect itself; basically no ARP, Trojan, and DDoS Defense Capabilities

High: built-in ARP defense, scale-up to improve anti-DDoS capabilities; Share the performance and reliability of the brand's enterprise-level servers and hardware virtualization; built-in ha: provides a variety of rapid recovery measures, such as backup machines, snapshots, and data backup

Performance and assurance

Good and secure

Poor: the performance is average and only suitable for small-scale concurrent access. The performance is not guaranteed, and it is vulnerable to the extrusion of other VPs on the same physical server.

Good and secure: Same as physical servers

Elasticity and scalability

You need to re-lease new servers and pay for the original resources.

Fast resizing, subject to the configuration of a single server

Real-time supply, on-demand scaling, no need to pay for original rental Resources

Cost of Ownership

The service provider needs to pay a deposit for quarterly payment and annual payment, and the service provider needs to pass on CAPEX expenditures. If you need to maintain and lease your own servers, the OPEX (Operation Cost) is high.

Low-configuration VPs rental prices are the lowest. However, security, reliability, and unguaranteed performance make the service quality insecure, and the operation costs are difficult to control and high.

Lowest overall cost: no monthly deposit, pay-as-you-go, and basic Zero maintenance. You can also share the cost advantages of scale, green energy saving, and Best IT practices.

Easy to use and easy to manage

Remote control cards are required and only brand-name machines can be rented. centralized and unified management cannot be implemented.

Provides Single-host interface management without the root or super administrator operating system permissions. The management flexibility is limited by the management interface.

With built-in KVM, the customer can centrally manage VM instances distributed across different regions through the self-service system: they have full root or super administrator operating system permissions.

ARP-Address Resolution Protocol; ARP spoofing, also known as ARP virus or ARP attack, is an attack technology for ARP. This attack can allow attackers to obtain packets or even tamper with data packets on the LAN, and prevent a specific computer or all computers from connecting to the network.


DDoS-Distributed Denial of server attack distributed denial of service attack. Attackers can use compromised computers on the network as "botnets" to launch intensive "Denial-of-Service" attacks to a specific target computer. Or, by making botnets composed of "botnets" or "bots", you can launch large-scale DDoS or SYN flood network attacks, alternatively, you can group "botnets" to engage in profitable business activities such as malicious website traffic, e-mail spam, and employment to attack competitors and paralyze your intended targets.


Bandwidth consumption and resource consumption. They all occupy a large amount of network and equipment resources through a large number of legitimate or forged requests to paralyze networks and systems.




Differences between ECs and VPS

VPs is divided into N machines for apps. In this case, the CPU memory may be shared, and sometimes dozens or hundreds of VPs may exist on one machine. However, on the ECS, the memory is exclusive. For 4 GB, you must get 4 GB. No one will be able to compete for the memory. This is from the virtualization perspective.

Cloud host, virtual host, VPs

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