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Linode VPS Host


Linode VPS can be said to be the best VPS in the world, a little exaggerated, at least it is one of the best VPS, if you are a programmer, or you are a webmaster want to find a server to build a website, then choose Linode Bar, very reliable

Multiple room options (London, Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont, Tokyo)

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A lot of friends have a common advantage, that is love toss. Love Toss is a good thing, because you will learn a lot of knowledge in the toss, and this knowledge will be your lifelong treasure. Some students like to play independent blog, or engage in a small website belonging to their own, and then contact the host this matter.

The host is a website home, used to store all the articles of the site. The people who toss the host will go through three stages: virtual hosting ,VPS, and a standalone server .

Virtual Hosting is the cheapest option for the price. Spend forty or fifty dollars to register a domain name, and then spend less than 100 dollars, you can buy a virtual hosting service. 1G of hard disk, 15G or so of traffic, enough for an ordinary person to write a blog used. It was also the first thing I played. At that time, the purchase is a small chang of the preferential host, the annual service fee as long as 90 yuan, and the service is very stable, so I insisted on using more than two days of the host. If you are a novice, it is recommended to try a cheap and easy-to-use console.

Then there's the second stage, which is to buy a VPS.

After all, the virtual host has too many limitations. such as a large through these users on a server, your blog and other people's website share an IP, which is more prone to trouble. Like going to a bathhouse to take a shower, do you know which one in the pool is not a skin patient? Often encounter with the IP site has unhealthy content, resulting in this IP is blocked, your site also followed by bad luck.

So, VPS service providers are very many, which one to choose?

Friends recommend me to try Linode VPS. Because this service is the best reputation in the industry. Domestic Podcast Program Big Brother, 52podcast webmaster stubborn cow used to be linode host. Linode is a US host service provider with six major data centers around the world, and users can choose their own server locations. This year, the new Japanese room in Tokyo, the mainland is very fast access, which is the main reason I chose it.

A friend would ask, do I really need a VPS host?

Someone played a metaphor, with the virtual host is the "civilian", with the VPS is "noble", with the independent server is the "royal Family", the gap between the three visible. I simply list five Linode VPS host advantages, the general common VPS have these five common characteristics:

One of them is this: The Awesome VPN agent

We all know that. After you have a VPS, you can install your own VPN service, and then you can freely visit Facebook\twitter\youtube and other foreign sites. You can also play QQ agent! For example, buy American Linode room, we can set up with the United States IP login QQ. Any other chat software can be used normally, the confidentiality is very good.

Cloud host-vps Purchase

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