CMake simultaneous generation of dynamic libraries and static libraries

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My directory structure

[Email protected] createlibrary]$ tree.├──bin├──build├──cmakelists.txt├──include│└──person.h├──lib└──src    ├─ ─cmakelists.txt    ├──main    │├──cmakelists.txt    │└──main.cpp    └──person        ├──cmakelists.txt        └─ ─PERSON.CPP7 directories, 7 Files[[email protected] createlibrary]$

The last generated library file will be placed in the Lib directory, and the resulting library file with the version number

Top Floor CMakeLists.txt

[Laol[email protected] createlibrary]$ cat CMakeLists.txt cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.3) project (Librarytest CXX) Add_subdirectory (SRC) [[email protected] createlibrary]$

[email protected] createlibrary]$ Cat src/cmakelists.txt # src cmakelists.txtadd_subdirectory (main) add_subdirectory ( person) [[email protected] createlibrary]$

#include <iostream> #include ". /.. /include/person.h "int main (void) {person  * person = new Person (" Small Code "," 15382 "," [email protected] ");  Std::cout << person->tostring () << Std::endl;  Delete person;  return 0;}


[email protected] createlibrary]$ Cat Src/main/cmakelists.txt # Contacts Cmakelists.txtaux_source_directory (. SRCs) Include_directories (${project_source_dir}/include  ) set (Executable_output_path ${project_source_dir}/bin) add _executable (Librarytest ${srcs}) link_directories (${project_source_dir}/lib) target_link_libraries (librarytest  person  ) [Email protected] createlibrary]$


/** @file person.h * Contact Definition * */  #ifndef include_person_h_#define include_person_h_#include<string>using std:: string;/** * Contact definition */class Person {public:/** * default constructor method */person ();/** Custom Construction method *  * @param name name * @param phone * @param email */person (string name, string phone, string email), ~person ();/** Output Contact information *  * @return A std::st containing contact information Ring string */string toString (); const string& Getemail () const;void setemail (const string& email); Const string& GetName () const;void setName (const string& name), const string& getphone () const;void setphone (const string& Phone);p rivate:/**< name  */string name;/**< phone  */string phone;/**< email  */string email;}; #endif/* Include_person_h_ */


/* * person.cpp * *  Created on:2015 September 30 *      Author:laolang */#include ". /.. /include/person.h "Person::P Erson () {}person::P erson (string name, string phone, string email) {This->name = name; This->phone = Phone;this->email = email;} Person::~person () {}string person::tostring () {string str = "Person:"; str + = "Name:"; str + this->getname (); str + = "\ t Phone: "; str + = This->getphone (); str + =" \temail: "; str + = This->getemail (); return str;} Const string& Person::getemail () const {return email;} void Person::setemail (const string& email) {this->email = email;} Const string& Person::getname () const {return name;} void Person::setname (const string& name) {this->name = name;} Const string& Person::getphone () const {return phone;} void Person::setphone (const string& phone) {this->phone = phone;}


[email protected] createlibrary]$ cat Src/person/cmakelists.txt aux_source_directory (. SRCs) Include_directories (${ Project_source_dir}/include) Set (Library_output_path ${project_source_dir}/lib) # Previous method of adding a dynamic library/static Library # Disadvantage: The name of the dynamic library and the static library cannot be the same as # add_library (person shared ${srcs}) # Generate dynamic library target add_library (person shared ${srcs}) # generate static library destination Add_library ( Person_static static ${srcs}) # Specifies the output name of the static library Set_target_properties (Person_static properties Output_name "Person") # Make both the dynamic library and the static library exist Set_target_properties (person Properties Clean_direct_output 1) set_target_properties (person_static PROPERTIES clean_direct_output 1) # Specify dynamic Library version # version dynamic library versions # Soversion API version set_target_properties (person properties VERSION 1.0 soversion 1) [[email protected] createlibrary]$
Operating effect:

[[email protected] createlibrary]$ ls-l total dosage 20drwxr-xr-x 2 Laolang users 4096 October 02:19 bin-rw-r--r--1 Laolang US ERS 84 October 02:17 cmakelists.txtdrwxr-xr-x 2 Laolang users 4096 October 02:09 includedrwxr-xr-x 2 Laolang users 4096 10 Month 02:19 libdrwxr-xr-x 4 Laolang users 4096 October 02:18 src[[email protected] createlibrary]$ mkdir BUILD[[EMAIL&N Bsp;protected] createlibrary]$ CD build[[email protected] build]$ cmake. --The CXX compiler identification is a GNU 5.2.0--check for working CXX compiler:/usr/bin/c++--Check for working CXX com Piler:/usr/bin/c++--works--detecting CXX compiler ABI info--detecting CXX compiler ABI info-done--detecting CXX Co Mpile features--detecting CXX compile features-done--configuring done--generating done--Build files have been Writte N to:/home/laolang/code/cmake/createlibrary/build[[email protected] build]$ makescanning dependencies of target person[16%] Building CXX Object Src/person/cmakefiles/person.dir/person.cpp.o[33%] linking CXX shared library. /.. /.. /lib/[33%] Built target personscanning dependencies of target librarytest[50%] Building CXX Object src/main/ cmakefiles/librarytest.dir/main.cpp.o[66%] Linking CXX executable. /.. /.. /bin/librarytest[66%] Built target librarytestscanning dependencies of target person_static[83%] Building CXX object src /person/cmakefiles/person_static.dir/person.cpp.o[100%] linking CXX Static library. /.. /.. /lib/libperson.a[100%] Built target person_static[[email protected] build]$. /bin/librarytest person:name: Small Code phone:15382email:[email protected][[email protected] build]$ CD. [[email protected] createlibrary]$ ls-l lib/Total usage 20-rw-r--r--1 Laolang users 5608 October 02:25 LIBPERSON.ALRWXRWXRW X 1 Laolang users 14 October 02:25 1 Laolang users 16 October 02:25 Libper 1 Laolang users 10688 October 02:25[[email p rotected] createlibrary]$ 

CMake simultaneous generation of dynamic libraries and static libraries

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