cmd command Window copy and paste

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cmd command Prompt window Quick Copy Paste method general method

At any point in the Command Prompt window, right-click and select the "Mark" command from the popup shortcut menu. At this time in the upper left corner of the window flashing a rectangular block of the cursor, move the mouse to the text area you want to copy the upper left corner, press the left mouse button, do not release, drag the mouse to the desired copy of the text area in the lower right corner, release the left mouse button, the selected area is reversed. Press the ENTER key (note that you cannot press CTRL + C with the common copy shortcut). The information in the selected text area of the window is saved to the Clipboard in Windows, and the information you need can be copied to the document by opening a text editing tool, such as a Notepad or Word application, pressing CTRL + V or selecting the Paste command from the menu.

Quick Edit Method

When we use the command prompt in Windows, it is often troublesome to copy the content, because it is not possible to select directly with the mouse, and there are no shortcut keys available, CTRL + C, CTRL + V keys at the command prompt is invalid, So each time you want to select the content at the command prompt, you need to click the right mouse button → select "Mark" Before you can select the content, if you want to paste the content at the command prompt is also more troublesome, you have to click the right mouse button → select "Paste" before you can, then there is no quick way? So today we'll teach you how to quickly copy and paste the cmd command Prompt window.

1, first open the Command Prompt window, believe this everybody knows, start → Run →cmd

2. Click the right mouse button in the title bar of the popup command Prompt window → select "Properties"

3. Select "Quick edit mode" in the dialog box that appears, related to the following:

4, when you click "OK" will pop up an app Properties window, select "Save property, for later with the same title of the window use" after OK.

At this point you can be directly in the Command Prompt window with the left mouse button to select, select the right mouse button is copied, if you want to paste the word directly at the command prompt input cursor Place Click the right mouse button.

cmd command Window copy and paste

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