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At the moment, domain name investment is becoming a hot investment project, a good CN domain name can sell hundreds of thousands of dollars at a high price, the redemption of the CN domain name by Google for millions of US dollars also showed investors the myth of overnight wealth. Recently,, a domain name professional business website, also received a high price of 0.2 million yuan by Dalian wandand group.
Mr. Cai, head of Dalian wetland group, affirmed the fact that the transfer was made at a high price of 0.2 million yuan. Mr. Cai introduced, five years ago when the company was founded to select COM domain name, but under the COM domain name system did not select the appropriate domain name, can only choose the domain name of the, and used for more than four years. However, with the company's e-commerce model from pure B2B to B2B and B2C, there are more and more online and international businesses, the lengthy and hard-to-remember domain names of the original domain names are gradually revealed, which is not in line with the company's global positioning in China. As a result, the company did not hesitate to cost 0.2 million to entrust the domain merchant to purchase the domain name that is exactly the same as the website name.
Experts also said that domain name investment is becoming a hot project on the Internet. Recently, CN domain name transactions have become popular. Some simple and easy-to-remember and novel combinations of CN domain names can be sold at high prices. For example, the transaction prices of and in the past few years have been in the hundreds of thousands of RMB, recently, more than 10 million yuan of transactions were made for the two CN domain names and In fact, there are far more CN domain names to be sold. On, which specializes in domain name transactions, we can see that the transaction situation of CN domain names has become very popular, some excellent CN domain names have become the objects of this website transaction, such as,, and other quotations are all above 0.1 million yuan.

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