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Fxcop It helps you create consistentCodeBut it cannot make up for bad applicationsProgramDesign or programming. Fxcop It is not an alternative tool for code review, but it can capture a large number of errors before code review, so you can spend more time on key issues rather than worrying about naming conventions.

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Windows XP: Program-> Microsoft Windows SDK-> toos-> install Microsoft fxcop

Windows 7: Program-> Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (or Microsoft Visual Studio 2010)-> Microsoft Windows SDK tools-> install Microsoft fxcop

Open fxcop and add dll:

Save. Note: Make sure that the project is stored in your solution folder and the project name isSolutionfilename. Sln. fxcop. WhereSolutionfilename is the name of your solution file.

Configure an external tool in vs2010:Vs2010-> Tools-> external tools 


Command:Install directory\ Fxcopcmd.exe

Arguments:/C/P: "$ (Solutiondir) \ $ (Solutionfilename).Fxcop"/Cxsl:"Install directory\ XML \ vsconsoleoutput. XSL"

Initial directory:Install directory

Select "use output window".Note: Replace the "install directory" with the "fxcop" installation directory. Others remain unchanged.

Run:Tools-> fxcop

Download user manual: downloads

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