Codevs 1191 axis dyeing interval update plus delay marker

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Title Description Description

There are N points on a line axis, respectively, 1~n. At first all the dots were dyed black. Then
We carry out m operations, and the first operation will [Li,ri] these dianran into white. Please output each operation after execution
The number of black dots remaining.

Enter a description Input Description

Enter a behavior of N and M. The following m lines are two numbers per line Li, Ri

Output description Output Description

Output m line, the number of black points remaining after each operation.

Sample input Sample Input

10 3
3 3
5 7
2 8

Sample output Sample Output


Data range and Tips Data Size & Hint

Data limitations
1<=n<=2000,1<=m<=2000 for 30% of the data
1<=li<=ri<=n<=200000,1<=m<=200000 for 100% data

Train of thought: Change the value of interval to 0, seek interval and;
#include <iostream>#include<cstdio>#include<cmath>#include<string>#include<queue>#include<algorithm>#include<stack>#include<cstring>#include<vector>#include<list>#include<Set>#include<map>#defineTrue Ture#defineFalse flaseusing namespacestd;#definell Long LongintScan () {intres =0, ch;  while( ! (ch = getchar ()) >='0'&& CH <='9' ) )    {        if(ch = = EOF)return 1<< - ; } Res= CH-'0' ;  while(ch = getchar ()) >='0'&& CH <='9') Res= Res *Ten+ (CH-'0' ) ; returnRes;}struct  is{    intL,r; intnum; intlazy;} tree[200010*3];voidBuild_tree (intLintRintPOS) {TREE[POS].L=l; TREE[POS].R=R; Tree[pos].lazy=-1; if(l==r) {Tree[pos].num=1; //scanf ("%lld", &tree[pos].num);        return; }    intMid= (L+R)/2; Build_tree (L,mid,pos*2); Build_tree (Mid+1, r,pos*2+1); Tree[pos].num=tree[pos*2].num+tree[pos*2+1].num;}voidUpdateintLintRintChangeintPOS) {    if(tree[pos].l==l&&tree[pos].r==r) {Tree[pos].lazy=Change ; Tree[pos].num=0; return; }    if(tree[pos].lazy==0) {Tree[pos*2].num= (tree[pos*2].r+1-tree[pos*2].L) *Tree[pos].lazy; Tree[pos*2+1].num= (tree[pos*2+1].r+1-tree[pos*2+1].L) *Tree[pos].lazy; Tree[pos*2].lazy=Tree[pos].lazy; Tree[pos*2+1].lazy=Tree[pos].lazy; Tree[pos].lazy=-1; }    intMid= (TREE[POS].L+TREE[POS].R)/2; if(r<=mid) Update (L,r,change,pos*2); Else if(l>mid) Update (L,r,change,pos*2+1); Else{update (L,mid,change,pos*2); Update (Mid+1, r,change,pos*2+1); } tree[pos].num=tree[pos*2].num+tree[pos*2+1].num;}intQueryintLintRintPOS) {    //cout<<l<< "" <<r<< "" <<pos<<endl;    if(tree[pos].l==l&&tree[pos].r==R)returnTree[pos].num; if(tree[pos].lazy==0) {Tree[pos*2].num=0; Tree[pos*2+1].num=0; Tree[pos*2].lazy=0; Tree[pos*2+1].lazy=0; Tree[pos].lazy=-1; }    intMid= (TREE[POS].L+TREE[POS].R)/2; if(l>mid)returnQuery (l,r,pos*2+1); Else if(r<=mid)returnQuery (l,r,pos*2); Else    returnQuery (l,mid,pos*2) +query (mid+1, r,pos*2+1);}intMain () {intx,q,i,t;  while(~SCANF ("%d",&x) {scanf ("%d",&q); Build_tree (1X1);  while(q--)        {            intFlag,change=0, L,r; scanf ("%d%d",&l,&R); Update (L,r,change,1); printf ("%d\n", Query (1X1)); }    }    return 0;}
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Codevs 1191 axis dyeing interval update plus delay marker

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