Collected several situations in which webvers' restoration protection disappears inexplicably

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Here we have collected several situations where the restoration and protection of webvertiser disappeared for your reference:

1. Sadly: the network administrator selects clients in batches on the master network and wants to wake up the network. As a result, the misoperation indicates canceling the restoration. At this time, the system prompts whether to restart. As a result, the Administrator is panic, if you click "no", you will not restart the client and restore it. The network administrator can check that the client has not restarted. As a result, after the client is restarted, it has not been restored. At this time, the franchisee called me, it is said that all machines in the internet cafe have been collectively cracked, and the machines on are okay. After the machine is restarted, it will become unrestored ......
2. the most depressing thing is that someone is messing up and restoring your system F8 to the last correct configuration.
3. Sadly, someone knows your dos password and deletes the driver file.
4. Most helpless: The D disk is damaged and the restoration disappears.
5. The most speechless one: the minor Network Administrator knows how to restore the password, not only to restore the password for you, but also to give you a trojan. As a result, when you see it, he shouted, I'm a god drop, penetrated again ......
6. The most amazing thing is that after the upgrade, all the clients have been restored and canceled, probably because of various problems during the upgrade process, the restoration driver in the upgrade package is modified. If the upgrade fails, the client cannot identify the driver and the result is not restored.
All of the above are problems found during the process with the user. After collecting and sorting them out, I hope you will know how to troubleshoot them when the restoration is inexplicably canceled, do not blindly consider penetration, poisoning, or software instability.

Check Method:
1. Go to the restored machine and check the client restoration Protection Setting Log E: \ NBMSClient \ Log \ RestoreSet. log. If you are not in an Internet cafe, you can also use the remote command function of the remote management function to execute Type E: \ NBMSClient \ Log \ RestoreSet. log, you can see the log of the restoration and protection settings of the client;
2. Log meaning:
[00:19:40] Tick = 0x02bc7c86 Src = Net, OpenProtected = 0 SetC = 1 SetE = 1 CloseProtected = 0 SetStatus = 1.
Src = for the restore setting, there are several situations:
Src = Net: Remove or set restoration protection through server operations;
Src = Local: advanced settings of the client are used for Local unprotection or restoration protection;
Src = Task: indicates the restoration protection set by the master disk construction tool;
Src = Hotfix: the OS patch is updated using the system patch function, and the client Automatically releases and sets restoration protection;
OpenProtected = enabled for restoration protection (note: the consciousness of restoring protection settings here is whether to enable restoration protection ):
0 enables restoration protection;
1. Disable restoration protection;

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