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1,Backbone mobile instance

This is a backbone mobile app running in safari.Program. To start experiencing mobile development, a good starting point is to focus on the construction method of this application. Check the application in your browser.

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2,Use media queries to lock Devices

You may ask how to use CSS to lock the device (based on the screen size ). For example, you want to design two la s for the iPad and one layout for the smartphone. To do this, the best way is to use media queries. As long as some simple media queries are in place, you can quickly lock the CSS screen size.

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3,Quick Tips: How to Use @ font-face

Several font replacement methods can be used, such as cufon, sifr, FLIR, @ font-face, and Google fonts APIs. When using jquery mobile to build Web applications, I found that the @ font-face method is the easiest method to use, and its performance is quite satisfactory.

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4,Where to add additional jquery calls

If you want to modify the content on the page before the mobile plug-in is triggered, the recommended solution is to place the traditional jquery call before the reference of the mobile plug-in. In this way, your jquery command has the opportunity to run before the library is loaded.

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5,Complete basic page

You may find that you have to create a complete tag for the basic page. Because of this, it is all necessary to create a basic page.Code.

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6,Create a column structure by yourself

If you want to design the best single page structure for multiple devices, you will find that you often use the aforementioned media Query Techniques and the columns in any order method. Fortunately, Web developers have long been figuring out how to move columns and use this method in combination with media queries.

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7,Combined with Google Analytics and jquery mobile

You can learn how to use Google Analytics and jquery mobile in combination.

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8,Submit jquery mobile forms through Ajax and PHP

You can learn how to submit jquery mobile forms through Ajax and PHP.

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9,How to Use jquery mobile to create a mobile WordPress topic

This tool makes it easy to create mobile websites and web applications. In this tutorial, I will introduce how to create WordPress Themes optimized for mobile devices.

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10,Create a website using jquery mobile. Part 1

In this tutorial, I will introduce how to use jquery mobile to create a website. In the first part of this tutorial, I will explain the characteristics of the website and implement the home page of the website.

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11,Use jquery mobile to create a website. Part 2

As the next part of how to use jquery mobile to create a website series, we will introduce how to build the speaker page.

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12,Disable button action

The following describes how to disable the button action (such as disabling the page) and add the following JavaScript code.

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13,Create pop-up dialog box

A convenient feature of the jquery Mobile Library is the built-in pop-up content or dialog box feature. It is easy to create this convenient feature. Note: first, the target page must be a complete jquery mobile page, as described in the first tip. Second, this only applies to external pages; it must be a complete, independent page to work normally.

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14,About jquery mobile

You can learn how to use the jquery mobile framework. This basic introduction describes how to create pages, links, navigation, and buttons.

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15,Set the background color of the page

This may sound simple, but it took me several minutes to figure out how to add background colors to the page without being overwritten by jquery mobile CSS. You usually set the background color for the subject element, but if you are using the jquery mobile framework, you need to set it to the UI-page class.

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16,Jquery Mobile: What can I do for you?

You can figure out how the new jquery mobile framework helps you easily build a web application that looks great and runs across devices. It includes many code examples and demos. You can learn how to create a simple jquery mobile application.

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17,Disable pop-up messages

I think loading pop-up messages is a little annoying, because this operation is triggered whenever you load different pages. To disable this operation, you only need to add the following line of code to your JS file.

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18,How to Use jquery mobile to create an RSS reader

Now, we will go into the use of PHP and jquery mobile to create a simple Tuts + RSS reader program. After creation, you just need to click the button and use the web application building skills to add this simple project to your iPhone or Android phone.

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19,"Cancel" and "save" button combination

This Code meets two basic requirements. The first requirement is to make the two buttons adjacent to each other. Fortunately, the jquery Mobile Library has a built-in column structure, which can be easily used as long as fieldset labels and appropriate classes are used, as shown below. The second requirement is that the two buttons have different themes. This code is directly from the instruction document. I keep it at hand for frequent use.

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20,Use jquery to lock the Platform

Although we really want to execute some CSS statements for some devices, we also want to run jquery only on specific devices. Some code from snipplr is changed below, so that I can easily isolate part of jquery to run based on the user's device.

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21,Create a custom topic

The jquery mobile framework includes five themes: Theme A, theme B, Theme C, Theme D, and Theme E. However, you can easily create a new topic for your web application.

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22,Prevent key projects from being truncated

A feature of the Library (or its disadvantage, depending on your needs) is that it intelligently truncates long projects to adapt to user interface elements.

In either case, this may be annoying. First, in the list project, I prefer to see all the text. The second is in the footer text.

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23,Two iPhone development skills. jquery helps

The first and simplest technique is to use the viewport. (You may need to register with apple to view the link. You need to log on to access simple documents and get two points for Apple !) The viewport is a simple meta tag. This is an example:

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24,Remove arrow from list item

By default, the jquery mobile framework adds an arrow next to each list item. To disable this function, you only need to set the data-Icon attribute to "false" for the list item you want to remove the arrow ".

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25,Jquery Mobile Form Verification

You can use this tutorial to learn about jquery mobile form verification.

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26,Use the HTML5 Canvas Element of jquery mobile to listen for touch events on iPad and Android browsers

Jquery mobile supports many touch events, greatly simplifying the work of developers. In fact, jquery mobile ensures that your web applications can run on both mobile browsers and desktop/laptop browsers. Unfortunately, you cannot predict that the Javascript click event will run on a mobile device as it would on a desktop/laptop browser.

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27,Jquery mobile touch event: Press

You can learn how to detect "Quick press" Touch events on a smartphone device.

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28,Use jquery mobile with appmobi

This tutorial video shows you how to use a new mobile version of the popular jquery JavaScript library with appmobi. Jquery mobile allows you to easily create applications with all the appearances of the native application, with built-in buttons, conversion effects, and forms.

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29,Disable Ajax navigation for all links at the same time

Although Ajax navigation is excellent, sometimes you want to disable it completely. This jquery code tells the mobile library not to use the Ajax navigation function.

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30,Displays random background images when loading pages

Jquery mobile has many page initialization events that you can use to trigger some methods when loading pages. The following CSS + javascript can be used to display random background images whenever a page is loaded.

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31,Create buttons with only images and no text

Sometimes, you may not want the button to have any text, but still use other features with the button element. This is usually the case with the Home button or information button. To hide any text related to the button, set the data-iconpos attribute to "notext ". For example:

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32,Jquery mobile toolbar navigation menu

You can learn how to use the toolbar and navigation bar of jquery mobile to create a fixed position menu and more!

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33,Search list in jquery mobile

We can easily create a list that includes search elements. Users can enter text and obtain all the elements that are suitable for text filtering from the list.

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34,Jquery Mobile: the official jquery mobile development framework

This mobile development framework has many outstanding features, allows mobile developers to add professional jquery effects to iOS, Android, BlackBerry, bada, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, meego applications, and Web applications. You should see this bad guy in mobile safari.

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35,Open the link without Ajax page conversion Effect

If you do not want to use the Ajax page conversion effect, open the Link (that is, reload the entire page in the traditional way) and set the rel attribute to "external.

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36,Jquery mobile multi-page internal link

This short video clip explains how internal links work in jquery mobile.

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37,Dialog conversion in jquery mobile

You can learn how to set the conversion when displaying a dialog in jquery mobile.

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38,Add driving directions to the jquery mobile website

You can learn how to add driving directions to the jquery mobile website.

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39,Jquery mobile framework-form tutorial

In this tutorial, we will focus on some basic elements of jquery Mobile: Page Structure, forms, and Ajax form submission. This tutorial is based on jquery mobile Framework Version 1.0 test version 2.

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40,Simple List View in jquery mobile

This video clip shows how to create a simple list view in jquery mobile.

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41,Split list in jquery mobile

We can add a secondary link for each list item. It is displayed along with the icon on the right of the project.

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42,Form Controls in jquery mobile

This short video clip shows the controls available when using the jquery mobile library.

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43,Fixed title and footer positions in jquery mobile

This short video clip shows the significance of setting a fixed position for the title and footer in jquery mobile.

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44,Jquery mobile inline button

We can add the data-inline = "true" attribute for the button to obtain the button whose width is not the whole width of the screen. This video clip shows how to do this.

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45,Hello world in jquery mobile

This short video clip explains how to develop a simple webpage using the jquery mobile library.

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46,Use jquery mobile to build mobile websites with offline Functions

You can learn how to use jquery mobile to build a mobile website with offline functions.

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47,Jquery mobile and JSON

This tutorial introduces the jquery mobile (jqm) framework that can be used to write mobile Web applications, targeting several leading browsers in the mobile industry. Jqm can be used to provide intuitive and consistent user experience for Web-based applications running on numerous mobile devices, for example, iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry version 6 (torch and playbook) and other mobile devices. This tutorial first summarizes the jqm project and the relationship between jqm and html5. This tutorial describes one of the multiple methods used to build a jqm application, some methods for jqm to improve basic web user interface elements, and finally the basic requirements for sales team automation.

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48,Create and use custom icons in jquery mobile

This article describes how to create and implement custom icons. In addition, I will introduce how to add high-resolution icon support for iPhone 4 retina screens and updated high-resolution devices.

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49,Getting started with jquery mobile & rails 3

This application allows you to create, read, update, and delete blog posts through mobile devices.

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50,Use jquery mobile to build a native Android news reading Application

You can learn how to use jquery mobile to build a native Android news reading application.

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