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First, I would like to recommend the ultraedit Studio software, a good text editing tool. You should have heard of ultraedit. This includes all the functions of ultraedit and adds many useful functions, which are especially suitable for programmers. There are many cracked versions on the Internet. You can download them.
The following describes some of my frequently used ultraedit studio skills. The same applies to ultraedit!
1. CTRL + F2 (Change bookmarks)/F2 (next bookmarks)/ALT + F2 (previous bookmarks)
After pressing CTRL + F2, you can set bookmarks for the current row, that is, mark the current row, so that you can locate and change the row next time. After pressing CTRL + F2 again, you can cancel Setting bookmarks for the current row.
After you press the F2 key, you can locate the rows that set the bookmarks in sequence.
After pressing the Alt + F2 key, you can locate the bookmarked row in reverse order.
Function: If we edit a page with hundreds of lines, especially code pages, we often need to perform operations in front and back. At this time, the location you just edited is often not found. At this time, you can set a tag and press the F2 key as needed to quickly locate the line to improve work efficiency.

2. CTRL + f (Search)/F3 (search down)/Ctrl + F3 (search up)
Press Ctrl + F. The search window is displayed. The selected content is displayed by default in the search content area. (We All Know this. ^_^)
The F3 key is a frequently used key. After selecting the content to be searched on the page, you can directly press the F3 key to quickly search in the order on the page, pressing CTRL + F is much more efficient.
The function of pressing CTRL + F3 is the same as that of pressing F3, which is only reverse lookup.
3. CTRL + 0 (Windows clipboard)/Ctrl + 1 (User clipboard) ...... Ctrl + 9 (User clipboard)
This function is quite practical, and has the most significant effect when many contents need to be copied or cut at a time.
We generally use the Windows clipboard when cutting, copying, or pasting it.
Uestudio also provides nine user clipboard for us. We can switch to the corresponding Clipboard through Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 9.
For example, if I want to copy each row of the first three rows of the page to a file, we may need to switch the page back and forth to copy and paste it.
Through the user clipboard, we can do this:
A. Press Ctrl + 1 to copy/cut the content of the first line (copied to the first user clipboard );
B. Press Ctrl + 2 to copy/cut the content of the second row (then copy it to the second user clipboard );
C. Press Ctrl + 3 to copy/cut the content of the third line (then copy it to the third user clipboard );
D. Open the first file, press Ctrl + 1 to switch to the first user clipboard, press Ctrl + V (paste), and so on.
Note: The content in the user clipboard cannot be pasted outside uestudio. If necessary, copy it to the Windows clipboard (press Ctrl + 0 to switch)

4. CTRL + Shift + V (paste and copy)/Ctrl + Shift + x (cut and append)/Ctrl + Shift + C (copy and append)
Press Ctrl + Shift + V to paste the content in the current clipboard to the selected text, and copy and paste the selected text to the clipboard;
After pressing CTRL + Shift + X, you can cut the selected text to the clipboard and append it to the back of the original content of the clipboard, that is, merge the cut content with the original content of the clipboard;
Press Ctrl + Shift + C to copy the selected text to the clipboard and append it to the back of the original content of the clipboard, that is, to merge the copied content with the original content of the clipboard.

5. CTRL + W (switch to automatic line feed)
When a line is too long, you can press Ctrl + W to switch to the automatic line feed function. After the automatic line feed switch is switched, the horizontal scroll bar disappears. lines out of the window are automatically wrapped, but the row number remains unchanged.
6. Alt + C (set or cancel the column Block Mode)
When you need to select content in the column block mode, you can use the Alt + C key to switch.
7. F7 (insert the current date and time)
If you want to insert the current time, press F7 directly.

8. CTRL + g (open the "go to" window)
Press Ctrl + G to open the "go to" window, through which you can quickly locate the specified row, bookmarks, or pagination.
9. CTRL + F5 (case-sensitive)/Shift + F5 (case-sensitive switching)
Press Ctrl + F5 to convert all the uppercase letters in the selected content to lowercase letters;
After you press SHIFT + F5, you can switch the selected content to the case.
Uestudio features are too powerful. The above are just some of my frequently used uestudio skills and I hope to improve your work efficiency.

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