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Git repository code hosting services are becoming increasingly popular, and many commercial companies and individual teams are gradually switching projects to git platforms for code hosting. This article shares some of the commonly used git code hosting services, some of which provide private project protection services that are especially useful for remote teams collaborating on development projects.


The most popular Git service at the moment is also the popular Git code hosting site. But private projects need to be paid, and individuals think GitHub is better suited to open source projects, and many developers share development experience on the platform and collaborate on projects.


Gitlab is a recommended code-hosted Web site that is derived from open source project (MIT) and supports free private project code hosting, which is based on the Ruby on Rails, supports the 10-person development team, and the unlimited private Code hosting library service.

In the use of the process, found a lot of useful features, such as code comparisons, bug tracking and so on. Not only that, the site also supports the Free SaaS service Gitlab Cloud.

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