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Tags filter define end file size html tags set background split window

<center> indicates absolute Center
<table></table> start and end of the form ID


Cellpadding= value units are pixels that define the spacing of the table elements

Cellspacing= number units are pixels define the spacing of the elements

Border= number units are pixels define table border width

Width= value units are pixels or window percentages define table width

background= Picture link Address definition table background map

<tr></tr> the start and end of a table row in a table

<td></td> the beginning and end of a table in a table

<br> Forced Line Wrapping

<font></font> start and end of text identification


face= fonts

Color= Color

Start and end of <b></b> bold text identification


style=font-size:40pt; Use style sheet to control font size, this is 40 points

Start and end of <div></div> partition identification


Align=|center|left|right| Horizontal Alignment

<marquee></marquee> start and end of a dynamic identity the image can be scrolled by placing the texture format inside the logo


SCROLLAMOUNT=1~60 rolling Speed

direction=|left|right|up|down| Scrolling direction

scrolldelay= Rolling delay unit: milliseconds

<P> paragraph identification


<img> Map logo


src= Picture link address map Identify prerequisite attributes

Style=filter:alpha (opacity=100,style=2);

Filter: style sheet filter;

Alpha: Transparent Filters,

Opacity: Opacity 100 (0~100);

Style: Styles 2 (0~3)

Rules= "None" does not show inner box "

<embed src= "..." > Multimedia file identification


Sets the path to the music file, except that the file type can be played. rm; mp3;. WAV and other audio, but also play. swf and. mov videos.

Whether you want the music file to play automatically when it is finished, true to, false is not, default is False

Sets the number of playback repeats, Loop=6 says repeat 6 times, true or-1 is an infinite loop, and false stops when playback is played once.

Startime= "Minutes: Seconds"
Set the start play time of the music, such as 20 seconds after the play is written as startime=00:20

Set the volume size. If it's not set, use the system's volume.

Set the size of the control Panel, all set to 0 to hide the player

Hide Control Panel

Set the appearance of the control panel

<bgsound src= "..." > background music logo, can only be used in. wav and. mp3 formats.


Sets the number of playback repeats, Loop=6 says repeat 6 times, true or-1 is an infinite loop, and false stops when playback is played once.

Common Code Assembly

1. Title Text <h#>..........</h#> #=1~6;h1 is the largest word, H6 is the most small print
2. Font Change <font>..........</font>
"1" Font size <font size=#>..........</font> #=1~7; The greater the number of characters
"2" Specify font <font face= "font name" >..........</font>
"3" Text color <font color= #rrggbb >..........</font> RR: Table red (red) color code GG: Table green color code bb: Table Blue (blue) color code
3. Show small Fonts <small>..........</small>
4. Display Large Fonts <big>..........</big>
5. Bold character <b>..........</b>
6. Italic character <i>..........</i>
7. Typewriter Fonts <tt>..........</tt>
8. Bottom line <u>..........</u>
9. Delete Line <strike>..........</strike>
10. Subscript Word <sub>..........</sub>
11. Superscript Word <sup>..........</sup>
12. Text Blink effect <blink>..........</blink>
13. Change Line <br>
14. Segmented <p>
15. Alignment of the text <p align= "#" > #号可为 Left: Table alignment (PRESET) Center: Table Alignment Right: Table to right P.s.<p align= "#" > Text will be displayed in the alignment that you set, Until another <p align= "#" > Changes its alignment, the preset left alignment is automatically set back when the <hr> or <h#> label is encountered.
16. Dividing line <hr>
"1" Divider line thickness <hr size= points >
Width of "2" divider <hr size= points or Percent >
"3" Divider alignment <hr align= "#" > #号可为 Left: Table alignment (PRESET) Center: Table Alignment Right: Table right aligned
Color of the "4" divider <hr color= #rrggbb >
"5" Solid separator line <hr noshade>
17. Center Align <center>..........</center>
18. Show <pre>..........</pre> according to original style
Attributes of the 19.<body> directive
"1" Background color--bgcolor <body bgcolor= #rrggbb >
"2" background pattern--background <body background= "graphics file name" >
"3" Set background pattern does not scroll--bgproperties <body bgproperties=fixed>
"4" File content text color--text <body text= #rrggbb >
"5" Hyperlink text color--Link <body link= #rrggbb >
Hyperlink text color "6" being selected--vlink <body vlink= #rrggbb >
"7" Linked hyperlink text color--ALink <body alink= #rrggbb >

One, picture

1. Insert Picture <img src= "graphics file name" >
2. Set frame--border <img src= "graphics file name" border= points >
3. Set the graphics size--width, height <img src= "graphics file name" width= number height= height points >
4. Set the graphics left and right blank--vspace, hspace <img src= "graphics file name" vspace= up and down empty points hspace= left and right points >
5. Graphics Note <img src= "graphic file name" alt= "Descriptive text" >
6. Pre-loading pictures
<img src= "High resolution graphics filename" lowsrc= "Low resolution graphics file name" > p.s. Two graphs with the best consistent graphics size
7. Image maps (image map) <img src= "graphics file name" usemap= "#图的名称" > <map name= "The name of the diagram" >
<area shape= Shape coords= area coordinates list href= "URL of link Point" >
<area shape= Shape coords= area coordinates list href= "URL of link Point" >
<area shape= Shape coords= area coordinates list href= "URL of link Point" >
<area shape= Shape coords= area coordinates list href= "link point url" > </map>
"1" defines shape--shape
Shape=rect: Rectangular shape=circle: round shape=poly: Polygon
"2" Definition area--coords
A. Rectangle: must use four digits, the first two digits are the upper left corner coordinates, the last two digits are the lower right corner coordinates
Example: <area shape=rect coords=100,50,200,75 href= "URL" >
B. Circle: Must use three digits, the first two digits for the center of the coordinates, the last number is the radius length
Example: <area shape=circle coords=85,155,30 href= "URL" >
C. Any graphic (polygon): fill in the coordinates of each turning point of the graph
Example: <area shape=poly coords=232,70,285,70,300,90,250,90,200,78 href= "URL"

Ii. table-related

1. Table title
Table title Position--align
<caption align= "#" > #号可为 top: Table headings above table (preset)
Bottom: Table headings are placed below the table
2. Define Column <tr>
3. Define field "1" <td>: Align Left
"2" <th>: Align Ⅱ in bold
"1" horizontal position--align <th align= "#" >
#号可为 left: aligning to the right
Center: Aligning right: Align Right
"2" vertical position--align <th align= "#" > #号可为
Top: Align up middle: aligning to
Bottom: Align Down
"3" field widths--width
<th width= points or percentages >
"4" Field vertical Merge--rowspan
<th rowspan= want to merge field number >
"5" Field horizontal merge--colspan
<th colspan= want to merge field number >

Third, FRAME

1. Split Windows command <frameset>..........</frameset>
"1" vertical (up and down) split--rows
<frameset rows=#> #号可为点数: If you want to split into 100,200,300 three windows, you
<frameset rows=100,200,300>; can also be represented by *, such as <frameset rows=*,500,*>
Percentage: such as <frameset Rows=30%,70%>, the sum of the best is 100%
"2" Horizontal (left-right) segmentation--cols <frameset cols= points or percentages >
2, the designated window Content--<frame>
<frameset cols=30%,70%> <frame> <frame> </frameset>
"1" Specifies the name of the window--src <frame src=html file name >
"2" defines the name of the window-name
<frame name= window name >
"3" Set the distance between the file and the top and bottom border-marginheight
<frame marginheight= points >
"4" Set the distance between the file and the left-right border-marginwidth
<frame marginwidth= points >
"5" Set split window scroll--scrolling
<frame scrolling=#> #号可为 yes: fixed scroll
No: No scroll Auto: Automatically determine file size requires no scroll (preset)
"6" Lock the size of the split window--noresize <frame noresize>

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