Common script vocabulary

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Degrees to radians

Degto Rad
Value immediately


Select $ shaps

Macroscript macro112
Category: "draganddrop"
Max hide Command Panel toggle
$ Box01.vertexticks = on: displays the fixed point mark.

Curvelength $ determine the length of the line,

Judgment statement .. If then elese
For I in do

While do statement

Exit exit statement,
For a in selection do if a. length> 15 then A. Length = 15 else a. Length = 20
If the selected object is greater... Conversely .... "Distance is the meaning of max distance.

For a in selection do if distance a $ box03> 100 then A. Length = 300 else a. Length = 20

The distance between the two objects is selected. What are the conditions ,...

For a in selection do movekeys A. Height. Controller (random 10 30)

Rotate $ (angleaxis 45 [1, 0, 0]) indicates rotation. There are three types

Showproperties $ Display object properties

Macros. Run "Tools" "move" conversion,

For a in selection do movekeys A. position. Controller (random 0 20)

Across moue


For I in selection do I. gbufferchannel = (random 0 2000)

Tiptoe, x z. tiptoe01, x z. Heel x y z calcaneal x z anklebone X Y Z

CA = attributes feet
Custattributes. Add $. modifiers [1] CA joins

Createdialog test_buttons 150 50

MessageBox "Remember: Never press unknown buttons! "Click the button to generate a window again. It's good.

$ Cylinder01.baseobject [# lteration] indicates the next set of the base object.

$ Cylinder01.smooth = false indicates the switch.

Converttopoly $ fast to multi-edge

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