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Many units and companies have formed their own local area network, and even some families have set up their own small LAN. Network use in the use of computers accounted for a very large proportion, basically each computer users will be connected to the network, a network is not connected to the computer equivalent to lose most of the value. And the network is a huge complex system, in the use of the network, often failure, in the presence of network problems, the first to find out where the problem, usually have the following types of failure:

1. When the entire network is out of order, it may be a switch or hub problem to see if the switch or hub is working properly.

2. Only one computer network, that is, to open the computer's "Network Neighborhood" can only see the local computer, but do not see other computers, may be the network card and switch connection problems, first of all, to see if the RJ-45 Crystal head contact bad. Then use the wire detector to test if the line is broken. Finally, check to see if the port on the switch is working properly.

3. You cannot see the local computer in Network Neighborhood. or open start/run with the ping command, ping Local computer's IP address is not available, indicating that your network settings are problematic, first should check the network card, open the "Control Panel/System/device Management/network adapter" Settings window, In this window to check for interrupts and I/O address conflicts, in general, the NE2000 series of network cards for the irq3,8029 chip network card for IRQ10. If you find that the network card does not conflict, the next step is to check the driver is intact, and then reinstall the driver of the network card.

4. You can see other computers on your network in your network Neighborhood, but you can't access them, so there may be a problem with your network protocol settings. Remove your previous network protocol and then reinstall it and reset it.

When the network connection or LAN problems, can generally be checked or manually reset to solve the problem, it is not like hardware damage, must replace the device to troubleshoot.

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