Comparison analysis of Canon 6D camera performance and Nikon D600 camera performance

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Give the photographer a detailed analysis of the performance of the Canon 6D camera and the performance comparison of the Nikon D600 camera.
Analytical sharing:
Canon 6D is equipped with the DIGIC 5+ Digital imaging processor, which achieves a maximum of about 4.5/second high-speed burst, and also has a 11-point autofocus system with a F2.8-precision cross-focus and precise autofocus in harsh environments.
ISO-sensitivity is the default range of iso100-iso25600, and its extended set range is iso50-102400. The Nikon D600 uses the image Processor Expeed 3 (for Digital SLR optimization) to process 24.26 million of the available pixel data at high speed.
At high sensitivity, Nikon D600 's Expeed 3 is excellent for color reduction, hierarchical processing, and image quality. In addition, Nikon D600 uses the MULTI-CAM 4800 AF sensor module. 39 focus captures and tracks the subject accurately. 9 cross-type photoreceptor covers the most frequently used central area, while the Central 7 F/8 is available at the center.

Canon 6D employs a new 135 full format CMOS sensor, effective pixel 20.2 million pixel, sensor size 35.8x23.9mm, support 63-partition IFCL dual metering sensor.
The Nikon D600 is equipped with a new Nikon FX format CMOS sensor with 24.26 million active pixels and ISO 100 to 6400 (scalable to ISO 50 equivalent or ISO 25600 equivalent).
Canon 6D uses a 3.0-inch 1.04 million-pixel rotatable Type II TFT LCD screen, the horizontal direction can expand the maximum angle of about 175 °, vertical direction of the downward maximum rotation angle of about 90 °, up to the maximum rotation angle of about 180 °, screen resolution of 720x480 pixels.
Canon 6D fuselage uses magnesium alloy material, the fuselage top contains the glass fiber polycarbonate material, supports the waterproof dustproof function, has not shrunk. The fuselage size is 144.5mmx110.5mmx71.2mm and weighs 755 grams. The Nikon D600 fuselage is small and lightweight, weighs 760 grams, the fuselage's top and back cover adopt magnesium alloy, sturdiness and durability.
Well, the above information is small knitting to all photographers to bring the detailed Canon 6D camera performance and Nikon D600 camera Performance comparison analysis of all the content of sharing, you see the photographers here, the little one believes that you are now very clear about the performance comparisons between the two cameras, I hope that the small series on the above to give friends the performance of the comparison information can bring useful help to everyone.

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