Comparison and analysis of three public DNS server access speeds

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At present, the more authoritative public DNS server providers have the Opendns,google-Dns,norton DNS, what are the actual access speeds of these DNS servers? This is directly related to the speed of our Internet access, after all, the fast speed is the king. The author compares the ping values of these DNS servers through 11 servers in the country with representative cities, and provides some references for the Internet setting for the national netizens. Here we look at the data to speak:

  First, OpenDNS (,

OpenDNS's servers in the United States, submarine cable to and fro a lot of natural slow, the average ping value of more than 170ms, and there is the phenomenon of packet loss, you carefully choose to use users.

  Ii. Google public DNS (,

Google's move to Hong Kong after its exit from the mainland appears to be the fastest response to Hong Kong, with the average speed of access to the mainland better than that of other broadband service providers, and the use of Google's public DNS servers for friends using telecoms and other broadband.

 III. Norton DNS (,

The Norton public DNS server is still in beta testing, and the results show that the current access is not stable enough, but the speed of access is better than OpenDNS, or it is worth looking forward to.

Summary: For now, Google Open DNS should be the user's preferred use of public DNS servers.

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