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Everyone may have the habit of recording things at will. It may be to not forget, or to flash some ideas in their minds at any time, in the age of computers or the Internet, we have more choices and can use tools around us to record our fragmented memories at any time.

I used the OneNote in the office in the case of a single-host version, and I still felt very useful. I recorded a lot of content in it, especially some notes, I am still very helpful to myself.

However, in the twinkling of an eye, we have entered the Internet era, and OneNote cannot meet our needs, because we cannot record the content in one place and view it in another place, this is inconvenient.

Therefore, the form of cloud notes emerged. At the earliest time, I used Evernote. Of course, this should also be the cloud notes with the largest number of users in the world. At that time, it had no Chinese name, But now Evernote has successfully entered the Chinese market, and gave itself a good name, called Evernote, haha. However, there is a strange phenomenon that these two applications do not use the same user database. Therefore, when logging on, we need to choose traditional Evernote or Evernote, this may also be a compromise with Chinese characteristics.

There have also been many cloud Notes applications in China. The most famous one is that the situation has been very good recently, that is, youdao cloud notes, which was still chatting with friends in Beijing, they recommend. Therefore, I also registered an account a few days ago and started to use it.

Since these two products are natural competitors, it is necessary to talk about the differences between them and see their respective advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, Evernote is slightly better than the supported systems. It not only supports a variety of mobile devices, but also supports Windows and Mac OS desktop systems, while youdao cloud takes a little less notes, that's Mac OS. At the beginning, I felt incredible. Why did I give up on such a big position? But later I figured it out for the following reasons.

Secondly, youdao cloud notes are better in terms of support for domestic users. The handwritten notes with Chinese characteristics are very interesting, in addition, this is done in both iOS and Android mobile systems. After all, Chinese text still has a huge demand for handwriting, especially when some people like handwriting, it looks more appealing than the same print.

Third, in terms of specific functions, Evernote focuses on sorting out a variety of fragmented memories. In addition to notes, youdao cloud notes also adds the recording plan function and allows you to set the reminder time, in this way, the todo list function is available again. It is hard to say whether it is good or bad. If yes, it is because it has more functions, users can do more things in this product. If not, it is because it is not focused enough and its functions are scattered, which makes everyone feel a little strange.

Fourth, in terms of open interfaces, the two are quite different. The number of Evernote interfaces has reached the limit that most popular languages can support, you can use your most familiar language to develop a connection with Evernote.ProgramThis may be the reason why so many Evernote derivatives exist. Youdao cloud notes is quite shabby. It only provides a simple HTTP interface, which seems simple, but it is not so convenient to use.

From the above points, we can see that although the functions of the two products are basically the same, the starting point and product philosophy are quite different. Evernote is more about the engineer's culture, or geek's culture. It hopes that it can do its best and provide rich interfaces, this product can be used from other perspectives. Youdao cloud note is not the case. It is more about a culture oriented to end users and focuses on the usage habits of domestic users, it also caters to the idea that domestic users want a product to have more functions, and integrates the task scheduler function (however, this function also exists in OneNote at the beginning, it seems that there are similar similarities in the product philosophy, and the rich functions of OneNote are amazing. If it is not in time to enter the cloud platform, today's cloud notes are not necessarily what the world looks like .) This is exactly why they have not developed the Mac version. After all, many of the MAC systems are used by programmers and engineers, youdao cloud note does not regard this or this group of people as the most important target, and these people will also use mobile phones or Windows systems, these users may not be lost.

So it seems that the two products have their own merits and cannot be better. Therefore, you should choose which one to use and check your habits.

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