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Original article title: incomplete Ubuntu Chinese derivative edition and installation of grub with no disk in Windows
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I. Why should we use the Ubuntu derivative version?
Non-official Ubuntu derivative edition:
Because the situations vary, the original Ubuntu has many imperfections.
Kubuntu is the perfect candidate; gonme is used for original flavor; xubuntu is used for system speed; Chinese customized version is required for beginners;
Of course, each derivative version of ubuntu also has its own advantages and disadvantages. The unofficial derivative edition is hard to argue because of the customizer level.
The following is my personal opinion on the trial of the unofficial Ubuntu derivative version ------------. The quality of each version depends on your own.

Foreign Ubuntu derivative version:

1) if the gorgeous Ubuntu derivative version is not the same as goodos (GOS), this version is not just as simple as it is. It is much better than the original Ubuntu version in terms of ease of use and network, unfortunately, there are no new releases in the near future.

2) If the best Ubuntu derivative version is integrated, it should be Ubuntu Ultimate Edition (which can be translated into Ubuntu flagship version or Ubuntu final version ). The latest ultimate-Edition-2.5, based on ubuntu9.10, this version not only integrates common work, entertainment, Learning, Development, cross-platform applicationsProgramIt also integrates several desktop environments, such as kubuntu, gonme, and xubuntu. The DVD size is about 3 GB. This is not a simple package version. It is an integrated version optimized by the original version. The basic functions of ubuntu9.10 are not reduced. After installing this version, what do you need to install? You have to think about what to delete! The disadvantage of this version is that Chinese is incomplete, but as long as you can connect to the Internet, this is not a big problem. The original Ubuntu and Chinese are also incomplete. This version is loyal to the original version, just gonme
The Ultimate Edition topic is added to the environment, and the browser homepage is not changed.

3) if Linux mint is simplified, it is an optimized version of ubuntu. It integrates some common software with the original features and changes the theme and icon of Linux mint, compared with another Lite version of crunchbang, crunchbang is superior in terms of system speed. crunchbang is not comparable to Linux mint in terms of independent development. Crunchbang Based on ubuntu9.10 has not been released yet, and now only crunchbang9.04 is available. Do you want to improve it? Always give some time to others! Linux mint has incomplete Chinese characters, crunchbang has no Chinese characters, and crunchbang has to be customized.

4) in terms of personal network, Ubuntu, which has a netbook, and jolicloud, which is known as Google's chromeos board, does not have a netbook, I have only tried jolicloud on my laptop. Although jolic can run, it is not supported by my dual-core CPU and super-card!

5) Personal Computer Internet access, the first push back | trarck 4, network, back | trarck 4 is a little higher than the official version of ubuntu. I just said that when the system was first installed, of course, as long as you have the ability, you can create a Linux that is better than any of the above derivative versions.

Domestic Ubuntu derivative version (Ubuntu Chinese derivative version ):

For Ubuntu Chinese derivative edition, there is really no way to evaluate it, but we still have to evaluate it. For Pirated Windows, we have a lot of skills. If someone else asks us to take it, we won't. We will only steal and never take it. We are born to be thieves! The good things are hidden, for fear that others will also know, but also to deceive people who do not know the truth, such as the flow of rain!
Only UBUNTU Forum is a special case. Here, there are no points, coins, and so on. It may be said that the level is not high here. Of course it's not that high. Are there all poor farmers without a door? Of course we are afraid of shoes.

1) pioneer Ubuntu, this version of ubuntu integrates many of our commonly used applications for ease of use. ktzubuntu4.1 is based on ubuntu9.10 and integrates Windows applications such as QQ and thunder on the webpage, added the boot topic, and changed the browser home page to pioneer. The November 10 version can be guided by grub in windows. It is the same as the official version of desktop, but this version is initrd.gz rather than initrd. LZ, we can see that it is based on the alternate version integration. This starting point is better than that depth. In the November 22 version, grub cannot be guided like the official version in windows, I do not know whether it is a matter of customization or intention. To this end, the pioneer also provides a dedicated non-dial Installation tool.

2) I have tried linuxdeepin, bate1, and bate2 in depth, and grub cannot be guided. the commonly used integrated software is not as simple as the pioneer. It is so concise that it only knows how to streamline and does not know how to improve the defects of the original version, however, there are many defects, but they are still worth looking forward to. There is a limited level of Chinese people. No one can do this.

3) I don't like the green leaf theme of the new oxygen and the new oxygen 9.04, but the ease of use of the new oxygen 9.04 has made great effort, some netizens said that there are a lot of self-developed items for new oxygen. With this, the new oxygen is a step higher than other Ubuntu derivative versions in China, and we look forward to 9.10 of the new oxygen.

4) The Simplified Chinese jandy custom edition of jandyzhu in Shanghai is named kissubuntu. For domestic custom edition, you can try the 386 host. For my amd64 host, I did not try it, this version is purely the selfless dedication of ubuntu fans. With this, we should give the greatest support. jandyzhu also tells us that it is very easy to customize the individual version of ubuntu, as long as it is in Ubuntu, system -- System Management -- remastersys backup "Open the program, select Dist, and press it. See:
Viewtopic. php? F = 161 & t = 225147

5) The Chinese-Ubuntu 0.1 alpha 1 of shanzhai Xiyang is supported because it is a private dedication of ubuntu fans.

Note: although some of the above domestic Ubuntu derivative versions are the best, some of them are the personal version, but compared with the foreign Ubuntu derivative version described above, in China, all are amateurs. Do not trust any team or team? In fact, it is not very different from the individual level. This is not a lot of people, but not a lot of Finland's Linas? Linus Torvalds writes the Linux kernel by a single user. There are hundreds of millions of users in China, and there is no such operating system.

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