Comparison of shared ADSL access schemes

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With the advent of ADSL, many people are trying to work on shared access. Here, I talk about some practical experience.
Using shared software access (sygatewingate)
Whether the system is win 98/nt or 2000, it is the easiest way to install the two network cards and share the software. However, the shortcomings of this approach are also obvious:
1. Occupy a computer as server;
2. More than one network card, increase costs, increase error opportunities;
3. There are many options when setting, error prone;
4. Sharing software needs to pay;
5. Shared software runs on the server and is susceptible to server impact, resulting in degraded performance.
A lot of people have already introduced this kind of installation method, here is not much written.
Use of shared access (Syslink, Zot and other brands of the shared device)
The sharing device has the exchange type and the single connection type two kinds, the so-called Exchange type refers to itself may connect several computers as the ADSL sharing terminal. The single connection is to connect the ADSL through it directly to one of the ports in your hub, access the hub of a port (note is not a uplink port). At this point you will see the shared LAN light (LAN) lit, and then put the ADSL dialer RJ45 head into the shared Wan (WAN/Internet), if all normal, the WAN lights will also be lit. Next, according to the share of the instructions will be ADSL dial-up method, username and password can be entered together. As for the general Internet computer, as long as they are connected to the hub, according to the requirements of the instructions to change the settings on it.
1. Setup is easier than sharing software;
2. Does not need to occupy the computer, does not require the server;
3. Will not be affected by any one computer (shared device), not afraid of all the current virus;
4. The price is quite cheap, just sygate or Wingate half of the money (ADSL sharing according to the performance of the different prices between 1500 to 2500 yuan);
5. It supports various current popular online software or protocols and does not require a separate definition;
6. As long as LAN and WAN lights, the network must be through, simple and intuitive.
1. New products, quality and speed has not been measured, in general, these products are 10m/100m adaptive (the author uses the same ADSL dialer, than Sygate or Wingate also stable and fast);
2. Occupy a hub port.
The Internet share feature of the Win Server Edition
The Enternet300 virtual dial-up software is installed on Win 2000, the computer is configured as dual network card, two network cards are connected to Adslmodem and LAN respectively, and the Internet share software with Win 2000 is adopted. You can configure the same steps on the win 98 reference.
This way, you need to occupy a computer to do the server, not as good as the share of the cost.
The author experienced from Sygate to Wingate, and then by the win 2000 to the share of a process, which is the main reason is sygate and Wingate too expensive, but also need to occupy a better configuration of the computer, more important is the sharing of ADSL software configuration more complex. So I think that using the shared device is the best way to share ADSL.

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