Complete MSF command

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? Help Menu

back from the current environment

Banner shows an MSF banner

CD Switch Directory

Color Conversion

Connect a host

Exit MSF

Help Menu

Info Displays information for one or more modules

IRB enters IRB scripting mode

Jobs display and management operations

Kill kills a job

Load loads a plugin

LoadPath Search and load modules in a single path

Quit quit MSF

Resource running commands stored in a file

Route View routing information for a session

Save saves Action

Search Module Name and description

Set assigns a value to a variable

SETG Assigning a value to a global variable

Show shows the module of the given type, or all modules

Sleep does nothing for a limited number of seconds

Unload Uninstalling a module

unset Remove one or more variables

UNSETG Unbind One or more global variables

use Select a module by name

Version displays the MSF and console library release numbers


Db_add_host Adding one or more hosts to the database

Db_add_note Adding a comment to the host

Db_add_port Adding a port to the host

Db_connect connecting to an existing database

Db_create Creating a new DB instance

Db_del_host Removing one or more hosts from a database

Db_del_port Removing a port from the database

Db_destroy Deleting an existing database

Db_disconnect disconnecting from the current DB instance

Db_driver Specifying a database driver

Db_hosts List all hosts in the database

Db_nmap Execute nmap and record output

Db_notes List all comments in the database

Db_services List all services in a database

Db_vulns List all vulnerabilities in the database

Db_workspace Converting a database workspace

Db_import_ip_list Introducing an IP list file

Db_import_amap_mlog Introduction of a thc-amap Scan result file (-o-m)

Db_import_nessus_nbe Introduction of a nessus Scan result file (nbe)

Db_import_nessus_xml Introducing a nessus Scan result file

Db_import_nmap_xml Introduction of an nmap Scan result file (-ox)

Db_autopwn Automatic Use


-H Display Help

-T displays all matching utilization modules

-X Select the vulnerability-based module

-P Select modules based on open ports

-e Run all matching targets using the program

-R with a reverse-connected Shell (reverse)

-B bind shell with a random port (BIND)

-Q Disables the use of program output

-l [ range ] uses only hosts in this range

-X [ range ] always excludes hosts in this range

-pi [ range ] is only used by hosts that open these ports

-px [ range ] always excludes hosts that open these ports

-M [ range ] only runs modules with names matching regular expressions


Core command:

? Help Menu

Channel display information for dynamic channels

Close closes a channel

Exit terminates Meterpreter session

Help Menu

Interact Channel Interaction

IRB IRB scripting mode

Migrate transferring Meterpreter to other processes

Quit Stop meterpreter

read data from channel

Run executes a meterpreter script

Use to load one or more extensions

write data to channel

File System command:

Cat reads a file content to the screen

CD Switch Directory

Del Delete the specified file

Download download a file or directory

Edit a file

GETLWD get local working directory

GETWD Switch working directory

LCD switch Local working directory

Lpwd printing Local working directory

LS file list

mkdir Creating a directory

PWD Prints the current working directory

RM Deletes the specified file

rmdir Remote Directory

Upload uploading a file or directory

Network command:

Ipconfig Display network interface

PORTFWD send a local port to a remote service

Route View and modify route table

System command:

Clearev Clearing the event log

Execute executes a command

Getpid Get current process ID

Getuid Get server running user

Kill kills a process

PS List of process lists

Reboot restarting the remote computer

Reg Modify Remote Registry

Rev2self on remote machine call RevertToSelf ()

Shell Returns a Cmdshell

Shutdown shutting down the remote system

SysInfo access to remote system Information

User interface Commands:

EnumDesktops List All Access desktops and Windows workstations

Idletime Remote User idle time

Keyscan_dump dump keystroke cache

Keyscan_start start capturing keystrokes

Keyscan_stop Stop snapping keystrokes

Setdesktop Transferring another workstation desktop

Uictl user Interface Control

Password Database command:

Hashdump SAM Dump

Time stamp command:

Timestomp modifying file timestamps

Complete MSF command

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