Comprehensive analysis of the specific configuration of the wireless network card in the Wireless Broadband Router

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Nic is an important part in the configuration of a wireless broadband router, and also affects the performance of the Wireless Broadband Router. Generally, you can use wireless Access Point (Access Point) and Wireless Broadband Router (VBR) networking devices when setting up a wireless network. As the price of the Wireless Broadband Router decreases and the technology matures.

Due to its advantages in more functions, higher management and control capabilities, and seamless connection between wireless networks and wired networks, it is becoming an increasingly popular wireless networking device for users, it is gaining momentum to completely replace Wireless AP. Today, we will introduce the steps for configuring a Wireless Broadband Router with a 54M Wireless Broadband Router product to help users who have already purchased the Wireless Broadband Router product. When configuring a wireless LAN, we generally need to configure a Wireless Broadband Router, wireless network card, and Internet sharing three steps. below, please follow me to learn how to configure these three steps.


You cannot use a wireless network when you set it for the first time. Therefore, you can only set it through a wired network. Before setting a Wireless Broadband Router, We need to disable the PC and Wireless Broadband Router, most wireless broadband routers provide you with a straight-through cable for connecting the host to the LAN interface of the Wireless Broadband Router. the other end of the cable is connected to the wireless network card of the computer, connect the network cable derived from the access device to the WAN interface of the Wireless Broadband Router. After confirming that the cables are correctly connected, connect the power supply to the Wireless Broadband Router. After self-check, the Wireless Broadband Router will be in the STANDBY state. At this time, we open the PC and normally enter the desktop.

Note that DHCP is enabled by default for most wireless broadband routers. After the PC is started, the IP address is automatically obtained, if your computer has set an IP address in advance, you must set the TCP/IP protocol to automatically obtain the IP address. Otherwise, you may not be able to log on to the Wireless Broadband Router. After entering the desktop, run the "CMD" command and enter IPCONFIG in the pop-up dialog box to see the IP address provided by the Wireless Broadband Router.

Basic Configuration:

After obtaining the IP address, open the browser and enter the address of the default gateway in the browser. This address refers to the address of the Wireless Broadband Router. Generally, the Wireless Broadband Router uses the address Different products have different addresses, such as the Alpha Wireless Broadband Router I got. The address is You can view the product manual or the default gateway address in IPCONFIG.

In simple terms, the SSID is a name that identifies your own wireless network, a bit like a working group name of a wired LAN, which can distinguish your wireless LAN from other wireless LAN areas, we recommend that you do not use the default "default ". Here we enter "adan ". The Wireless Broadband Router of 54M is compatible with both 802.11b and 802.11g wireless network protocols. The default 802.11g protocol is used here. If both 802.11b and 802.11g protocols are required in the wireless network, the automatic mode can be selected here ). Channels are used to distinguish between different wireless broadband routers or AP devices. There are 11 available channels. Here we can select the default channel. Another option is to disable the SSID broadcast function. If it is disabled, the Wireless Broadband Router will not broadcast its own SSID number to the wireless host. You must manually enter the required information when connecting the wireless network card. This function is enabled by default. If you do not have special requirements, you do not need to disable this option.

Security Configuration:

After the basic configuration is complete, our Wireless Broadband Router can already implement the wireless network function, but this configuration is not safe, and the signal is not encrypted and can be easily eavesdropped. Therefore, we need to set the security of the Wireless Broadband Router. Click the "Security Settings" sub-menu, on the right side of the settings interface we can see different authentication methods, usually have WEP and WPA-PSK two kinds, the two authentication methods can only be used at the same time. Let's take a look at WEP encryption settings.

First, select WEP single-digit. Then, the settings in gray are displayed normally. In this case, we can select three options: "authentication type, encryption length, and key format. You can select the default value for the authentication type. The encryption length refers to the authentication String Length of the key, which can be 64bit or 128bit. If you select a 64-bit key, you need to enter 10 hexadecimal numbers, or five ASCII characters. To select a 128-bit key, you must enter 26 hexadecimal numbers or 13 ASCII characters. For ease of memory, we recommend that you use 64-bit authentication. Another option is to select the key format, which can be hexadecimal or ASCII. Here we select hexadecimal.

After these configurations are complete, we need to enter a key. Many users may not understand the hexadecimal number rule. Here we will briefly introduce it. The hexadecimal number is the rule of every hexadecimal number. The first few digits are the same as those of the hexadecimal number, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, after 9 is A, B, C, D, E, F. We only need to grasp this rule when setting it. Here, we enter 123456789123.

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