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I recommend a development framework I wrote. In this blog, I will describe the framework technology and the creation of a system including SNS, forums, and CMS. Thank you very much for your criticism!The following is an introduction -- wojilu framework is a comprehensive development framework under the DOTNET platform, mainly used for rapid web development. Http://
License Agreement: Apache license, available for free for commercial environment download URL: including source code, tutorials, examples.
Demo demo 1: My records CMS ( ). Official tutorialTaking this project as an example, we made a comprehensive analysis step by step;
Demo DEMO 2: "My recorded website Integrated System" (, integrated with CMS, forum, SNS, blog, album and other functions, and can easily conduct secondary development. The source code will be released on May 20th. It includes: 1. A persistent layer framework wojilu ORM
2. A dependency injection framework wojilu IOC
3. A web development framework wojilu MVC
4. A lightweight template engine wojilu Template
5. A log class library wojilu Logger
6. A lightweight JSON parser
7. A simple front-end Ajax Library (dependent on jquery)
8. Why does wojilu editor use wojilu ("My records") Name: wojilu is the pinyin format of "My records.
I set a standard for the framework: Easy to remember, easy to spell, can be registered to the domain name.Currently, only the "I recorded" Domain Name (previously the name of the blog system) can be used directly. General features of wojilu framework: 1, Concise and brisk. The entire framework, except jquery, does not depend on other third-party class libraries;
2, No practical design. This framework is simple, easy to learn, and easy to use.
3, Starting from practice, Provides examples of large systems such as CMS, SNS, and Forum;Unlike some other frameworks that only provide a rough demo of a blog. Wojilu framework wants itself to be a framework from actual practice to actual practice.
4, Overall Design of sub-frameworksFor example, the combination of front-end Ajax and MVC frameworks; for example, the combination of IOC dependency injection and controller in MVC;
5, Use Apache open-source ProtocolAnd can be applied to commercial environments for free.
6, Low DOTNET version requirements, Supports DOTNET 2.0 and later versions.
7, No integration of multiple frameworks. As a full-stack (fullstack) framework, the sub-frameworks have been seamlessly integrated. Each sub-framework has its own characteristics:
Name Features
Wojilu ORM 1. Easy to use and support sqlserver/MySQL/access databases;
2. For practical purposes, such as directly integrating the data paging solution;
3. The data table is automatically created based on the domain model;
4. Supports vertical database partitioning (multi-database support) and easy configuration;
5. Works with the MVC framework to support database transactions;
6. the built-in data verification solution is scalable.
Wojilu IOC Simple configuration and lightweight
Wojilu MVC 1. Supports namespaces (make code files more clean and easy to view; Make layout and permission control easier to use );
2. By default, static files (JS, CSS, and images) are stored separately and can be easily switched to second-level domain names (separated application servers and static servers );
3. View logic and view template are completely separated;
4. The controller can easily rely on injection, and the Controller itself can also be customized through configuration;
5. html encapsulation is not supported, allowing front-end development to fully work at the HTML and CSS layers, with full control of HTML;
6. multi-language support (i18n), simple and easy to use;
Functions provided by other MVC frameworks, such as routing, filter, restfull URL, no page suffix, and style with better conventions than the configuration, it also provides comprehensive support for the expansion of various events in the page lifecycle.
Wojilu Template It is easy to use and has only two syntaxes.
Wojilu Logger Log system customized for my logging framework, easy to use
Wojilu JSON The cache components and configuration components I recorded are all persistent using JSON, which is an important part of the system.
Wojilu Ajax 1. provides the most common pop-up windows, form verification, menus, and other content;
2. It is basically "Zero JS writing" and can be used without the JS basics. It is very easy to get started;
3. completely separated from the view;
4. seamless integration with the MVC backend controller.
Wojilu Editor Lightweight, used directly in MVC, no need to configure


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