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Today's personal computers, faster and faster, heat is more and more, cooling gradually became a big problem, a lot of computer parts of the damage, are related to the bad heat. A lot of friends think, the fan is good, in fact, in addition to the good fan (water-cooled system is not discussed here), there are many should pay attention to but also easy to ignore the place, we start from the accessories from the host said:

(i) CPU

no doubt, the CPU's cooling is the most important. This, of course, involves a strong heatsink and fan, two things that are too much to say, and this is no longer ao. To remind you DIYer, if the heatsink is not properly installed, it is likely to cause permanent damage to the CPU. This is about the small, inconspicuous thing. For example, the buckle is too loose or too tight, the focus point is not facing the CPU core.

High-power fan vibration is generally large, if the buckle is too loose, it will cause the CPU core vibration of the heatsink wear, stones, serious, or even scrap; if the buckle is too tight, easy to install when the CPU core compression; If the focus point is not facing the CPU core, it will cause the heatsink and the CPU core contact bad , and even touch only one edge, which leads to bad heat conduction, then the good CPU fan is useless. (Pentium

4 architecture does not have this problem)

for the main use of the Internet, chatting, typing computer, install a CPU cooling software is also a good way. But for playing 3D games all day, the system often run high load of the machine, cooling software is not very useful, but also affect performance.

Finally, players with some experience can try to lower the CPU voltage a little bit. With the default core voltage of the CPU as the initial value, the minimum interval supported by the motherboard is dropped (e.g. 0.025V per drop), and the Super

test software testing, to see if there is a crash, such as instability, not to use or have no such test software on hand, you can use a number of high load 3D game testing, such as *

III, Unreal2003 or CS. If there is no instability, you can further buck until the system appears unstable. With a CPU is 0.18um Atlon

xp1800+, with Kyushu ae―2388 Radiator, the main board is 75DRV5 (KT333) host for example: at room temperature of about 12 degrees in the environment, the core voltage of 1.75V when the temperature between the 56―61, 1.625V between the 54―60, that is to say, can be reduced by more than 1 degrees, and this 1 degrees is not spent a penny, and the system is still stable, continuous operation *

III5 is no problem for more than an hour.

now 7200 turn of the hard drive has become mainstream, calorific value is not small. Especially in college friends, usually overnight with BT or FTP download, the machine opened on the more than 10 or even dozens of hours. We are not using the server hard disk, often high-intensity continuous work, heat and not good, hard disk is easy to hang off.

some friends directly on the hard drive fan, the fan consists of a piece of iron and one or two small fans, installed with screws fixed on the hard disk. This kind of fan is inexpensive, but it is generally used is poor quality of the oil fan, with a long time will be due to poor lubrication and vibration. And the hard drive is the most afraid of vibration, light affects data security, the entire hard drive reimbursement. Therefore, you are not recommended to use this hard drive fan.

low price and quality hard drive fan is not

How should we give the hard disk heat? The most basic, do not and other accessories such as floppy drive too close; If you're a friend of a new machine, it is highly recommended to buy a chassis with a fan seat in front of the hard drive, and then buy a good double ball chassis fan (such as TT, very quiet) installed, not too high speed, let it on the hard drive, so that both heat dissipation, and will not affect the hard disk, Because the fan is fixed on the chassis.

If you have bought a chassis without such a hard drive fan seat, you can add a fan to the 3.5-inch bracket, and as to how to install it, watch the player's own hands-on ability. This modification is a bit troublesome, this article does not give a detailed description.

(iii) memory

Memory is not very hot, unless you are using the voltage overclocking or you are running at more than 400MHZ of high-speed memory (DDR), it is recommended not to install the heatsink. Because the market that kind of more than 10 dollars of memory heatsink used in the material to help the heat dissipation is not good, electromagnetic shielding performance is not good, the most beginning of the role of blocking dust. The main problem is that once the memory heatsink is installed it will be hard to remove, and the chip will be unplugged. Of course, if you have enough money, you can also buy a good quality brand memory heatsink installed.

(quad) graphics

first, other PCI cards in the installation as far as possible away from the graphics card, so that the video card near the space larger, there is conducive to heat dissipation; second, regularly cleaning the graphics card fan dust, can be brushed and other tools brush off; a certain hands-on diyer can also replace the fan or even the entire graphics radiator, but To buy a better than the original, the appropriate graphics cooler is not easy, the price is not cheap (dozens of yuan).

(v) Motherboard

now motherboard on the south, North Bridge chip calorific value can not be underestimated, especially nforce2ultra400 and other systems, if their hands touch the chip feel hot, it should be installed a heatsink or even a fan. If you are not even which is the South Bridge which is the North Bridge is not clear the junior players, it is recommended that you do not move it


above is the host of the accessories, the accessories scattered out of the heat are discharged into the chassis, if the chassis cooling is not good, the host will become a steamer, not to mention good heat dissipation. Therefore, the chassis fan is also very important.

many friends in the installed box fan has a misunderstanding: only the wind, not into the wind, the chassis other places are also very strict design, difficult to enter the wind. This can seriously affect the air duct inside the chassis. (tutorial)

duct is the trajectory of the air in the chassis. Reasonable design of the chassis, with the help of the fan can form an effective air duct, the success of the cold air into the chassis, after the hard disk, the motherboard graphics card, CPU and other accessories by the fan heat exhaust.

Schematic diagram of main air duct in

If the fan is not installed in the wind, the CPU will become thin near the air, and the fans can not absorb the wind will cause noise increase. We know that the heat on the CPU heatsink is carried away by air, the CPU fan can not absorb enough air, the heat dissipation effect will be greatly reduced. Seriously, even the power supply will be bad. Visible, a small fan of the role of how large. So, if we installed the two exhaust fan chassis, we should install the following fan.

In addition, if we can dig a proper size mouth on the left panel of the chassis, install an inlet duct on it and make it right against the CPU fan, the CPU fan is "cold air" outside the chassis,

CPU cooling will be a higher level. This is also one of the Intel's p4―3.06 architecture chassis design.

Finally, the chassis in a variety of wires, data lines (especially the IDE line) to tidy up, with tape to tie, do not affect the air duct.

after the above "optimization", the host's cooling capacity will be greatly improved, even in the face of the hot summer is no problem, you can rest assured to play.

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