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The school season is coming, and more and more gay guys are doing it themselves, Feng also enough to eat, their choice of products in the x Po, y East, or the entity to buy their own assembly purchase, but to deal with the problem is also coming, many small white bought accessories will always worry about their purchase is not a new authentic accessories, online shopping This thing itself will be in believe, Trust on the basis of what you have previously not targeted to understand well. Do a good job, there are physical matching machine is also the same, buy do not do homework before, and then embrace the scrap iron happily back, and then online a check, card rub, just said to be a pit.

Computer generally divided into several main parts:




Hard disk




There are accessories for the optical drive, radiator and so on

General chassis cooling can be ignored, the optical drive compared to the chicken, now the basic is not installed, the power supply in addition to domestic power fakes more than the other, the power of other units false renovation of the probability is relatively small, the main or the first several parts


As a computer's brain, every computer must have a certain and definitely used processor, and for the new and old bad resolution has become a second-hand sellers of incense, based on my own is known as China's first parallel market of Huaqiang North, this is also some understanding, in fact, Huaqiang north of the renovation, second-hand, The main hair to other regions, may include you know Ning Mei, famous Dragon Hall and so on, in Huaqiang north of the second-hand or relatively few, at present, the CPU four kinds of packaging original box (Chinese box) box (English box, also called three years box) turn the bag (also deep bag, may be the packaging of the invention of Shenzhen) scattered

Original box: Usually we recommend overclocking with K processor will use the original box of the processor, the difference between him and the English box is that the processor of the English box is the one that is left behind after the system is selected, while the original box is the original package that has not been unpacked and selected, but after four generations of processors come out, the individual overclocking the processor contrast, I feel that the overclocking ability of Chinese box and the difference between the pieces are not very big, temperature and voltage are controlled by the same, is really the problem of silicone, or the structure of the defect warranty for the national three years, must rely on the CPU fan above the barcode warranty, so even overclocking, as far as possible also do not still CPU with the fan

English box: In fact, our market entities on the purchase of a new boxed basic boxes are English, because the production of Chinese box is less, the price is lower than the Chinese, deputy under the basic pressure will be the English box, in the case of overclocking and Chinese box is not very different, But this can only do CPU and box on the serial number of 2 yards in one, in fact, is not to do the original box as three yards in one, the radiator is no serial number can correspond, so the quality assurance agent for three years

Turn the bag: This basic many people also know, are to take a few pieces of the U plus a few money slag of the cooling fan package package, I will tell you the agent is in front of us on the scene of the package, it is called a fast ~~~~~ warranty for the agent guarantee one year

Scatter: This is basically all in use, without any encapsulation, just a simple CPU, because it is a large bundle of bundles with ties, so some of the CPU will have black marks, and so on, but this is normal, that how to distinguish is the new or on the machine, I will explain to you, warranty for the agency warranty for one year , because the CPU is generally very few problems, so we are generally recommended for the chip plus a good radiator

Let's look at the distinction between these


A boxed processor includes a packing box, a processor, a radiator and a manual, and if you don't have a manual, you don't have to look at it, it's definitely a flop.

We usually take the hands of the processor is sealed, even if it is to turn the bag, he is also using stickers, sealed, so we generally do not see the situation inside, the first step to get the processor should see the serial number


Each boxed processor will have a label on it, the label will have this processor model parameters, serial numbers and other code number, if you see that there is no such label, directly is two seals, do not look, this must be turned the bag

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-鹤顶红鉴别真假 图文

And then look at the box above there are no other agents of the label, and the above is a joint agent with Intel's several major manufacturers of course, it is not necessarily all processors will have these tags, some models are not a joint warranty, which also knowledge of a after-sale protection

The last direct look at the serial number


The Real English Union box, the CPU serial number and the box outside the label's serial number is exactly one by one corresponding, and CPU packaging is just the CPU parameters of this side of the outside, do not open, Can verify the serial number of Chinese original box, in addition to these two serial numbers and the radiator above the serial number three are all the same corresponding

The CPU of the chip, the check is simpler.

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-特罗凯真假辨别 图文 电脑配件真假识别图文教程-膳魔师焖烧罐真假图文

And it's worth noting that:

Like the following figure these polished CPUs must not be in


Now there are a lot of fake I3 on the X-Po of hundreds of fast money, i5, usually through the payment of goods to the means to cheat everyone, these many are directly before the model parameters polished off, put on other models to carry out marketing, generally not on the machine detection is not visible


Memory is a more common, and more difficult to distinguish a hardware, in fact, the most representative is Kingston's water, many people do not think already very familiar with Kingston, in fact, Kingston's water is also divided into hierarchy, some even some agents can not distinguish, even you believe that the hacker suit now have water bar, That slag of 1B of heat--(PS: In fact, the hacker God is a Kingston memory price vest Just, there is no difference, so we generally recommend Granville, one is the price is cheaper, one is the Wei gang did not have the water bar, of course, is not no renovation article, The water bar and the retrofit bar are not really a concept, but the memory of the Granville is not as good as Kingston in terms of compatibility.

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-鹤顶红鉴别真假 图文

A piece of memory appears on the PCB board, Chips and Goldfinger, and there is really nothing to study

This many often also can not see what the trick, basically rely on the experience of the

Look at the memory generally look at the PCB, Chip and Goldfinger of the

On the machine used in the memory PCB will be oxidized to black or yellow, the chip will become more and more fuzzy, often plug, the gold finger will also have more obvious scratches


Memory can be first observed on the map of the gold finger part, and then look at the PCB board and video memory particles

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-特罗凯真假辨别 图文

Left for the old bar, the right is the new bar, because Granville just PCB is purple, so see PCB is more difficult to distinguish, but can obviously see the left part of the gold finger has been black and has obvious scratches

If you ask which hardware is the most refurbished in all of your hardware, it's definitely hard to say.


Hard disk A lot of people do not know how to see, directly to see the label sticker above seems quite new to think is new

In fact, these stickers, a lot of refurbished hard disk stickers are directly covered by their own later, do not see the new and old, can only rely on our daily accumulation of knowledge to identify

First of all, do not dismantle the hard drive of the packaging film, hard disk is also divided into boxed and ordinary packaging, boxed generally have other agents of the joint sales, such as the market often seen on the hard disk plastic film will be affixed with Lande, the appropriate agent label

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-箭牌马桶真假图文详解 电脑配件真假识别图文教程-鹤顶红鉴别真假 图文

Boxed or have these labels of the hard disk is basically genuine, generally with the label on the hard drive are boxed only with

But there are many not packaged with these agents label the hard drive, after all, the birds are big, what woods do not ah ...

We usually take a package like the one shown below.

It's just out of the box and it's a anti-static bag.


Just this kind of packing, which leads to a more easily refurbished hard drive on the market.

Take the hard drive after the first do not take apart, or after the demolition can be changed is a problem, but they know ~ ~ ~ ~

First, look at the external packaging and appearance.

Through the electrostatic bag, you can see the hard disk sticker above have sn, MODEL, PN. SN is a serial number, each hard drive only 1; Model is the type; PN is called the material number

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-特罗凯真假辨别 图文

Second, look at whether the packaging has been removed traces, whether complete, and then look at the hard disk on the front of the SN and the side of the plate on the face of the stickers are consistent

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-膳魔师焖烧罐真假图文 电脑配件真假识别图文教程-箭牌马桶真假图文详解

This is more accurate identification of the hard drive, now the market flow has a lot of parallel hard disk, but also a new hard drive,

The same as the smuggling of parallel parallel mobile phones, there is no tariff, the factory is not to give the warranty, only may be the agent himself after the sale

There is also an OEM hard drive, which is not on the code

Then see if there are any scratches on the disc, the Screw hole has no traces of the screws

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-鹤顶红鉴别真假 图文

See if there's any scratches or marks on the screws.


The hard drive screw pattern on the machine will have obvious marks.

Then look at the plate and the SATA port,

电脑配件真假识别图文教程-特罗凯真假辨别 图文

Brand new hard disk is shiny, because it is vacuum packaging, components will not be oxidized yellow black, and then look at the SATA interface of the golden finger situation


The hard disk's gold finger situation will be much more obvious than the memory, the insertion mark is very easy to see out, the new hard drive is generally not to see the insertion mark


New and old two hard disk contrast, from the control circuit board is very obvious difference out, the left of the hard disk circuit board is obviously oxidized to black, the right is a new control circuit board.

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