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  1. After burning the computer automatic shutdown

DVD burning has started to go into the tens of thousands of households, while the DVD burning time is also relatively long. It takes 15 minutes for a 4x DVD burner to burn a D5 DVD, and 8x takes about 8 minutes. If you don't have to do any more work after you burn the DVD, click to have the Nero Burning rom help you turn it off automatically. When you click Burn, check the automatically turn off computer after completion checkbox in the Open Burn window (Figure 1). After the burn is complete, a prompt window prompts the machine to automatically turn off after 30 seconds and press the Cancel button to prevent automatic shutdown.

  2. After downloading the computer automatically shuts down the machine

Downloading is also a time-consuming thing, less a few minutes, more than a few hours. You don't have to sit around for a few hours just to wait for the shutdown. Fortunately, FlashGet, Av conveyor belt, netants all provide the function of the shutdown after downloading.

After adding all downloaded objects to the download list in FlashGet and AV conveyor belts, check the "tools → complete shutdown" option. Then right click on any one of the download objects, select the "Start All" command, FlashGet will download the software or materials we added earlier, and automatically shut down the computer after the download is complete.

In netants, the same effect can be achieved by checking the "options → auto shutdown" check box.

  3. After listening to music after the computer automatic shutdown

For those who want to use music with sleep music lovers, carelessly, computer night is also possible, how to let Winmap play a certain track or time, automatically shut down and computer automatically shutdown it? Kill Winamp can help you.

This software allows Winamp to automatically stop Winamp, turn off Winamp, or turn off the computer after a specified amount of time or play a certain number of tracks. Start Winamp as normal and set the playlist and play, and then run Kill Winamp (Figure 2).

The first step: choose the shutdown mode

In the Kill Winamp window, select the close mode to turn off Computer.

Step Two: Select the mode of activation

For the number of times or tracks if you want to set up a period of time after the shutdown, enter the minutes directly under the Please enter minutes; If you want to specify a certain number of tracks to play again, then tick the limit songs, and then enter the number of tracks; tick Force Mode ( Force shutdown mode, this is the fastest shutdown, but no current process will be saved when the shutdown occurs.

Step three: Set software options

Click Options to set whether to display the remaining tracks or times in the title bar, or whether to give a 10-second countdown before shutting down the computer.

Fourth step: implementation

When you click the Activate button, the kill Winamp starts executing and displays the remaining time in the title bar of the window. When the specified time or track number, the Shutdown Countdown window will pop up, if not canceled within 10 seconds, the computer will be automatically shut down.

  4. After the compressed computer automatic shutdown

Using WinRAR to compress and back up large files will take a long time, however, with the WinRAR automatic shutdown function, we can compress the work at night, after the compression is completed automatically shut down, completely without the expense of unnecessary energy.

Right-click the file or folder you want to back up, select the Add to compressed File command on the shortcut menu, click the Advanced tab in the open compressed file name and Parameters Settings window, and then tick the power off computer after finish check box (Figure 3), and finally click OK. WinRAR automatically shuts down the computer after it finishes compressing the file.

  5. After the audio conversion computer automatic shutdown

This is not a small amount of work and time when we need to turn a large number of MP3 in the hard drive into WMA, and we can also arrange for this to be done at night and automatically shut down when it is finished.

Start the CDex audio conversion software that we have introduced many times, click "Options → set values", and on the General tab, check "Auto shutdown after capture/encoding" (Figure 4). Once the setup is complete, we go to the Encoder tab, set the WMA encoder and parameters, and then return to the main window. Click the menu "convert → re-encode" to add MP3 files from each folder, and then click "Convert", and after a long transition, your computer shuts down and breaks down automatically.

  6. After the copy completes the computer to turn off the machine automatically

After the copy is turned off, do not wait, peace of mind to rest, these things to worry about leaving Killcopy. Killcopy is a pretty good copy tool, it can automatically restore the last copy of the system after the crash, can limit the speed of replication, want to fast, want to slow down, embedded in the right menu, support direct drag and drop, and killcopy can shut down the computer after the copy is complete; In addition, it can repair the file, coupled with its affinity interface, flexible and easy operation, so that our copy operation is completely loose.

After installing Killcopy, select Killcopy configuration under Killcopy in the Start menu, check the shutdown system in * seconds as shown in Figure 5 window, and set the number of seconds to Countdown. Finally click the Back √ button to apply the settings.

When we drag the file to the destination folder with the right button, there will be more killmove here, the killcopy here options, according to the need to select the operation, that will start copying, after the copy is completed, will pop up as shown in Figure 6 window, if not canceled, the computer will be automatically closed after the corresponding time.

  7. After uploading the file, the computer shuts down automatically.

When uploading a large amount of data, you can also like downloading, so that the system after the completion of the upload automatic shutdown. For example, in cuteftp, click transport → schedule transfer, and then select the Enable Schedule check box to select Turn Off computer in the drop down box after the transfer is complete.

  8. After the anti-virus finished computer automatic shutdown

Computer viruses are increasingly rampant, regular killing is imperative, but to check dozens of GB hard disk space Tens of thousands of files, it will take longer. In order to antivirus when you do not affect other work, you can set up anti-virus software after killing, automatically shut down the computer. For example, in the "Rising Antivirus 2006" Click "Options → settings", and then switch to the Antivirus Settings tab, click to select the "Turn Off Computer" check button.

  9. Custom Computer automatic shutdown

If the software does not provide the function of automatic shutdown, then we can estimate the software to run the approximate time required (for example, two hours), and then use the Windows xp/2003 Shutdown.exe program to implement the timing shutdown. For example, to automatically turn off the computer after 2 hours by clicking Run on the Start menu, in the Open box, type SHUTDOWN/S/t 7200 ("7200" is the number of seconds, or 2 hours), and click OK. At this point, the System Shutdown dialog box opens and displays the number of times the shutdown was closed (Figure 7). To cancel the delay shutdown, enter the "shutdown/a" command.

If you are a Windows 2000 or the following version, copy the Windows xp/2003 Shutdown.exe to use directly. Note that if you are not copying to the system default directory, it is best to enter the full path of Shutdown.exe in the Run box, such as "E: Timed Shutdown shutdown.exe" (half-width quotes are required when the path is longer).

  10. Computer automatic shutdown after a period of time

When we leave the computer in an emergency, we often don't know how long it will come back. If you shut down immediately, but also afraid to come back immediately to use, if not shut down, and afraid to leave too long time. At this time, you do not have to worry about, as long as the use of Windows Scheduled Tasks plus Shutdown.exe can be set any time the computer idle without the automatic shutdown.

Step one: Establish a shutdown batch file

Create a Autoshutdown.bat batch file and enter it in the file:


/F refers to forcing the shutdown of any program that is running without saving, and you can select it as needed.

Step two: Set up Scheduled Tasks

Double-click Task Scheduler in Control Panel to open the Task Scheduler window and drag and drop the Autoshutdown.bat file into the Task Scheduler window. Windows automatically turns it into a scheduled task, double-clicking the Autoshutdown task schedule that is automatically created. In the Schedule tab, click the Task Scheduler Drop-down list box, select from idle, and then change the time to 30 minutes when the computer is idle for more than XX minutes (Figure 7).

Click the Settings tab and uncheck all the options. When the above settings are complete, press OK, and then enter the system administrator password in the open window to exit the Settings window. In this way, when we leave the machine, 30 minutes without any operation, the machine will automatically shut down. So if we fall asleep in front of the computer, we don't have to worry about the computer being shut down.

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