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Brain blue screen, automatic restart, running loud noise ... These seemingly common but very fatal faults plague our normal study and life, for enterprises, computer blue screen failure may cause significant property losses. Here is a detailed introduction to the daily use of computer blue screen, automatic restart, the noise caused by these failures and simple and effective solutions. Believe that reading the content of this issue, you will be in the future when you encounter such problems would be confident.

For computer blue screen, automatic restart, the noise of the operation of these three daily failures, no matter what kind of trouble you, in fact, is the computer after a long time running lack of maintenance caused by the failure. Computer as we use the longer time, the inside of the chassis will absorb a large number of dust, resulting in poor cooling system, resulting in system protection, automatic restart and shutdown phenomenon. Running noise is also due to the lack of lubrication of the cooling fan bearings caused by the increase in rotational resistance.

Have you met any of these failures?

resulting in the system blue screen is usually divided into hardware and software for two reasons. Most of the hardware problems are due to the installation of new hardware or incorrect driver installation, and the software aspect is generally incompatible between application software and operating system and the instability caused by system update patches. Next, please follow together to learn more about the above blue screen, automatic restart, running noise a few common and annoying causes and solutions, teach you to adjust a "reliable" computer, so that we can learn and work more stable and peace of mind.

What's the reason for the loud computer noise?

Failure phenomenon:

After the computer is used for a long time, whether it is a laptop or a desktop computer, the noise will become larger, especially at night when the environment is quieter when the noise is more obvious. Too much noise affects not only the working mood but also the work and rest of others due to the excessive noise of the operation. Although the problem of loud noise does not have a direct impact on learning or work, the standard for measuring a good computer includes the size of the noise being run.

Multiple high speed cooling fans generate a lot of noise


Regardless of the problem we are experiencing is a panic, automatic restart or too much noise, the most fundamental problem of these phenomena is dust. Since the computer is used for a long time, a lot of dust will go into the inside of the chassis and be adsorbed on the fan or each board surface and the cooling fan bearing, this will cause the fan to run more noise, and heavy dust will seriously affect the heat dissipation, then if the long time does not clean up, when the dust in the form of sludge adsorption on board card, Serious may cause circuit board short-circuit, cause irreparable loss.

The way to clean up the dust is actually very simple. (Insert the relevant information before the heat dissipation article)

Clean up the radiator after a makeover

In fact, I clean up the CPU fan does not have any technical content, we use the tool is the brush and fur tiger, in our patience after repeated cleaning, the original dirt face of the radiator will become a brand-new. This will greatly improve the heat dissipation performance of the radiator, while the noise will decrease correspondingly. For each board of the chassis cleaning, we should be standing at hand with the brush and fur tiger, six months or so clean up a more reasonable.

What causes the automatic shutdown or reboot?

Failure phenomenon:

When you are working on a document or playing games, the computer suddenly crashes or restarts, which is believed to be most likely to happen to people who use a computer for a long time, especially if a friend using a laptop office is more likely to experience this situation. It is no exaggeration to say that in the information age today, important data loss or computer power failure caused by the disastrous consequences.

Automatic restart or shutdown caused serious consequences


Computer automatic shutdown and restart the main reasons for two major aspects, on the one hand, because of the cooling system is not good, resulting in computer overheating automatic protection of the protective shutdown and restart. Of course, this does not rule out the cause of the virus. And another reason is because of the computer use of the environment voltage instability caused by the automatic shutdown and other adverse phenomena occur, due to voltage instability caused by the sudden power failure, not only the loss of important personal data, serious can lead to hard disk and other parts of hard damage.

UPS Uninterruptible Power supply

If you use a computer where the ambient voltage is not stable, I suggest that everyone should be equipped with a UPS power supply (uninterruptible power supply), even in the office environment is worse, the voltage instability or sudden power outages can save time for us to keep the data, to avoid the loss of important data.

Thermal upgrade scheme and solution for whole machine

We discussed above the noise, automatic restart and other problems of the fault phenomenon, carefully concluded that due to dust caused by the heat dissipation problem occurred in the above phenomenon. This time we found the culprit of the problem, it is necessary to master the methods and techniques of cleaning the computer dust. For the older computer platform, a reasonable upgrade of the CPU heatsink and power fan, but also fundamentally solve the problem of heat dissipation.

Common tools:

Soft brush and fur tiger

Replace large diameter fan

The previous introduction is to solve the problem of processor cooling without any upgrades. Below, and then for you to introduce two to solve the CPU cooling problem of the upgrade scheme. One of them is to replace the larger-diameter air-cooled radiator, which costs less to upgrade, while another upgrade is a high-end water-cooled radiator that favours the player with a fever.

Replacing the radiator with large diameter cooling fan is conducive to noise reduction

High-end air-cooled radiators use a larger-diameter cooling fan, which can bring enough airflow to the processor's calorific value even at lower fan speeds. Similarly, the thermal conductivity of the fin also uses a better copper material. Usually the market price of this air-cooled radiator is about dozens of yuan to hundred yuan, choose less cost to upgrade the better air-cooled radiator is also a good choice.

Water cooled Ultimate heat dissipation

Cooling effect of good and mute water-cooled radiator

The cooling effect of water-cooled radiator is very obvious, mainly for the users of the crowd positioning in overclocking enthusiasts. Long-term CPU overclocking use, the heat sink critical nature is harsh. Especially in the summer, overclocking players in order to ensure the stable operation of the machine, have chosen to configure the CPU high-end water-cooled radiator. Not only to ensure the heat dissipation of the processor is good, but also to a certain extent can be less noise generation.

What are the causes of computer blue screen?

Failure phenomenon:

Have you ever met a blue screen on a computer? If you haven't met a blue screen, it means you're not a computer "veteran". Computer blue screen fault phenomenon and automatic restart and crash to the user caused similar consequences, that is, in the absence of precursor to the system failure, resulting in the user too late to save data, causing damage or loss.

The blue screen phenomenon usually occurs because the player adds new hardware to the computer or installs new application software or updates the system patch. In general, the hardware and software are divided into two major aspects, after we have added new hardware to the computer or installed a new application, the computer has a blue screen, the first thing to think is not the compatibility of the system has been a problem.

Computer Blue Screen Interface


It says that creating a system blue screen usually requires consideration of both hardware and software. First of all, on the hardware side, one situation is that you have added a new card to the mainframe that is incompatible with the original system, and another is a blue screen caused by a common memory incompatibility problem.

Driver installation failure causes hardware to not function properly

If you add new hardware to the host, first install the driver software, and properly select the appropriate operating system version to ensure that the newly added hardware is running properly. According to the author's experience, in special cases, some brands of products are not fully compatible, but for a few of the boards to be compatible, so, in this case, regardless of how to install the driver, ultimately can not solve the problem, then you can only replace other brands of accessories to solve the problem.

360 Security defender's blue screen repair function

Another point is that if we do a normal system update or install a new software to create a system blue screen situation, we need to remove incompatible software or patches to solve the problem. 360 security guard is a lot of friends have installed a common system aids, which has a function is to prevent the system after the update caused by the instability of the tool software, which is very intimate for beginners a function.

"Written at the end":

In this issue of "opening", for everyone to enumerate the causes of computer blue screen, automatic restart, the noise of the operation of the common problems and solutions. In fact, these three kinds of fault phenomenon in our daily use of the computer process is very common, but can not lightly ignore the problem, serious can lead to the loss of important data and property loss. The most fundamental reason for these failures is that we usually use the computer some of the habits are not correct, to form peacetime regularly clean up their own computer good habits, can effectively avoid these vicious failure of the occurrence of personal data and property losses.

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