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To learn computer maintenance knowledge, the motherboard jumper settings are also the motherboard maintenance must master the basis.

First, understand the type of jumper

so far, the jumper has developed to three generations, namely, the key cap type jumper, dip jumper, soft jumper.

1. Key cap jumper

The CAP jumper is made up of two parts: the base part and the key Cap section. The former is two or three disconnected needles up upright, and the adjacent two pins determine a switch function. The operation of the jumper only has short and disconnected two types. When using a jumper, that is, a short jumper, will be able to allow two of the needle to connect the key cap to the two of them, so that two needles are connected to the function of the jumper should have. Otherwise, you can put the key cap on only one needle, and the other tube of the key cap is empty. Thus, because the two needles are not connected, the corresponding function is forbidden, and the key cap will not be lost. Because the key cap only means the connection, so there is no problem of inserting the counter. The key cap type jumper is divided into two stitches and three needles, two stitches are more convenient to use, the application is more extensive, short connection means to have a function, disconnect means to prohibit a function; The three needles are more complex, such as Needles 1, 2, 3, then short pin 1, 2 represents a function, and short 2, 3 represents another function.

2.DIp jumper

Dip jumper is also called dip combination switch, dip switch can not only use a button switch to express a function, but also can combine several dip switches to express more states, more functions. A dip switch can be flip on both sides of the button to determine the two switch states, one side of the open (on), the other side of the off. And for the combination of the use of state, how many dip switches can represent the number of power of 2 of the state, there are how many values can be selected, so enter the DIP switch must be compared to the table in the manual set the value, otherwise you do not know so much state.

3. Soft jumper

Soft jumper and no real jumper, that is, CPU-related settings no longer use the hardware jumper, but through the Cmossetup program to set up, do not need to open the chassis, very convenient.

in the computer accessories, the motherboard, hard disk, optical drive, sound card, there are jumpers, the motherboard jumper is the most complex, the hard drive second.

Two, motherboard jumper settings

Jumpers on the motherboard generally include CPU setup jumper, CMOS clear jumper, bios no write jumper, etc. Among them, the CPU to set the most complex jumper, if the motherboard is older, you must set the motherboard on the core voltage, FSB, frequency multiplier jumper. According to the motherboard specification and CPU frequency, set the above corresponding jumper. Usually, the motherboard on the corresponding CPU voltage is a set of jumpers, each jumper corresponds to a voltage value, findto the appropriate voltage value, insert a key cap short it, select the voltage value. Similarly, find the FSB jumper and frequency multiplier jumper, respectively, to set the appropriate FSB and frequency multiplier. Note that only one jumper can be selected in each set of jumpers.

The new motherboard is more user-considered and uses almost all similar soft jumpers, leaving only the CMOS jumper switch on the motherboard using the most original key-cap jumper, which is mostly a three-pin jumper, as shown in Figure 1. Usually, the short pin 1, 2, indicating the normal use of the motherboard CMOS, and short of 2, 3 means to clear the CMOS content. The

Disable the ability to write BIOS is not available for each motherboard, generally two-pin jumper, specifically short to write bios or disconnect to write bios, to see the motherboard instructions.

Some motherboards will allow users to choose the soft jumper or dip jumper, such as Asus P4T, if the motherboard of the 10 dip switch is all set to off, it means the use of soft jumper settings in the BIOS, otherwise, select Dip jumper, where switch 6~10 indicates FSB settings, Motherboard specifications have a large table, you need to control the table operation, select the appropriate FSB, DIP switch 1~4 to indicate the multiplier, it has 2 of the 4 power species state, that is 16 states, can allow users to choose 16 voltage values.

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