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Sometimes, after a long period of time did not use a computer, after a period of time, it is easy to put the boot password to forget. Then the computer boot password forgot how to do? The following small series to share the next 6 ways, easy to solve the forgotten computer boot password.

This article mainly shares 6 kinds of solution to forget the computer power-on password, and will not detail the operation steps, for reference only.

 Method One

When powered on, press F8 to enter "secure with Command Prompt" mode

Enter the "NET user+ username +123456/add" to force a user's password to be set to "123456″

 Method Two

If the user forgets to log in the password can be solved according to the following method

1. Press (f8) and select (safe Mode with Command when the computer is started Prompt)

2. After the election (administrator) will jump out of the (command prompt) window

3. Add a user with (net) command, example: Add a user name of alanhkg888, command syntax as follows:

NET user Alanhkg888/add 4. Increase the number of new users to the power of the administrator, for example: to enhance the power of the user alanhkg888 just now, command syntax is as follows

net localgroup Administrators Alanhkg888/add 5.

After completing the above steps restart the computer, in the splash screen will add a user alanhkg888, select alanhkg888 into

6. After the login (console)→(user account)→ Select users forget the password, and then select (remove password) (etc)

7. Select the original user in the login screen without the need for a password to be inferior (as removed)

8. Delete the newly added users, select (alanhkg888) in the console)→(user account)→, and then select (Remove account) to

* Does not apply to forget the installation of the set (administrator) password

 Method Three

1, restart Windows XP, in the start screen after the moment, press F8, select "Safe Mode with command line" run.

2, the running process to stop, the system lists the root user administrator and the local user owner of the selection menu, mouse click Administrator, into the command line mode.

3, type the command: "NET user owner 123456/add", a mandatory change to the owner user password to "123456″." If you want to add a user (for example, a username of abcdef and a password of 123456), type "NET user abcdef 123456/add" and add "net localgroup Administrators Abcdef/add" command to promote the user to the System Administration group Administrators user with super privileges.

4.DOS, delete windowssystem32config inside the SAM file.

5. Press the keyboard's delete key to enter the BIOS interface after power-on. The user password option is found, which defaults to the shutdown state. Start and enter the user password (1~8, English or digital). Computer prompts please enter again to confirm that the password is correct, save the exit and restart the machine, then the password will appear on the boot menu

 Method Four

If it is FAT32, enter the DOS, delete the c:winntsystem32configsam*.* can be.

Login As long as the administrator does not lose the password can be. Then create a new one. If NTFS is not valid

In addition, if your system has not been added to Microsoft's Input method patch can also use the input method to do a loophole to do an administrator rights account,

The specific methods are as follows:

After the boot, Win2000, the login window appears, display the user name, and require a password (of course, you will not have a password).

At this point, please put the input focus on the user name, with the Ctrl+shift switch Input method (a random selection, as long as the input tool can appear on the line). Right-click on the Input ToolTip toolbar that appears, and select Help, and a Help window pops up. Next you need to find a (green underlined) hyperlink in this window, and with shift+ left mouse button click, open it will pop up an IE window, please enter C in the window address bar:, to this step you should be very clear how to do. Just click on the standard button "up", you will find that you can enter the "Control Panel", you can go straight to the "User and password."

The next thing that happens is you know it.

  Method Five

We know that during the installation of Windows XP, we first log in as "Administrator," and then ask to create a new account to log in with this new account when you enter Windows XP, and in Windows XP login interface will only be created this user account, no "administrator", but in fact the "administrator" account still exists, and the password is empty.

 Method Six

Make a start U disk, and then choose to boot from the U disk, after entering the windowsPE, find the clear power-on password icon can be.

Recommend everybody use method six, solve the problem that the computer forgets the power-on password.

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