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There are a number of options available for file sharing, and now the most common way to share is through a network disk. But the traditional way of sharing more cumbersome, first need to upload files to the network disk space, and then the corresponding sharing settings. Fortunately, the use of DROPLR this cloud services, can be very convenient to upload a file to share a key operation, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of file sharing.

File sharing is a drag

First, go to the official website of the DROPLR Cloud Service ( to download the client version for your system. The client needs the support of the Visual C + + 2012 runtime, and if not, the runtime is automatically downloaded, but the problem is the automatic download process. Since DROPLR is a foreign cloud service, the default download of the runtime and the Chinese system is incompatible, which requires the user to manually download the Chinese version of Visual C + + 2012 for related operations before installing the client.

After the client program is installed, you can see its icon in the system tray, click the left mouse button on the icon, and display the client's floating box on the system desktop. You can then start uploading files by dragging and dropping the files you want to share into the floating box (Figure 1).

Through the suspension frame icon can observe the progress of the file upload, when the suspension box icon filled out to indicate that the file upload good. Next in the system desktop in the lower right corner, will appear a short link hint, this shows that the file sharing operation has been completed, while sharing links have been loaded into the system's clipboard, users can directly through micro-blog, QQ and other ways to share the operation. Once the user opens the Share link, they can see the shared file. If you are a multimedia file or a document file, you can also preview it online and download it after you think it does need it (Figure 2).

Small tip:

Click the right mouse button on the share file and select the "Share with DROPLR" command to perform a key sharing operation.

Other information upload share

DROPLR In addition to the common file upload share, but also to the clipboard, screen shots and other information upload. For example, we want to share screenshots, first in the System tray software icon Click the right mouse button, select the menu "Grab screenshot" command (Figure 3). Then the screen desktop will present a candidate state, through the left mouse button manually select the need to capture the area, this completes a simple screenshot operation. Then DROPLR will automatically jump out of the tool window, using the features of which can be the most basic screenshots of editing, after editing the natural is to upload and share.

If the user needs to share the file information or the information in the Clipboard, open the right-click menu and select the "Upload from clipboard" command in the previous action. The client will automatically read out the information in the system Clipboard in the pop-up window. If it is textual information, paste the content into the window (Figure 4). In the lower-left corner of the window, you can select how the information is recorded, and it supports a variety of patterns such as rich text, Markdown, and code. After the operation is completed, click on the "Upload" button to complete the upload and share related operations. is not very convenient!

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