Computer Speakers Common Shopping skills

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the ability of adjusting and balancing natural tones

Good speakers should be able to truly and completely reproduce the original attributes and characteristics of musical instruments and sounds. Perhaps the most important performance is sometimes the precise tone balance. Sound should give a feeling of smoothness and no touch, and there is no obvious distortion of tone and treble description. The tenor and treble are not too "empty" or "repressed" special feelings. Use a wide range of instruments to record a piece of music, the sound layer of music to jump the best, the best music in the chord, the junior chord is very good to hear the quality of the speaker. For example, look for the voice of the piano, to see if its tone can be low, medium and high treble when there is a clear difference and realism.

Check the characteristics of the speaker's individual phoneme in the tone balance test, the sound box is good, the consistency of the whole speaker is good, then it is to test the individual phoneme characteristics, individual phoneme features include: resolution, listen carefully to some of the music details, such as piano notes or cymbals subsided after echoes, If the details of the detail appear blurry, then this speaker is a lack of clarity. The details of the detail are the important reference data to test the authenticity of the speaker's realistic reduction.

Use familiar music to try to listen to the music you know, leaving an impression on your mind. So you can listen to the sound of the speaker at a draught. If the profiteers use their CDs to try the sound, you must refuse. Because he may use the CD's own flaws to cover up the speaker's flaws. Anyway, when you pick a speaker, you must bring the CD on your own so he can't get away with it.

  The feeling of mixing sound

Some speakers will appear in the use of inexplicable sound, which is caused by interference. A good speaker will never have this problem, so don't buy a sound box with a mix.

Good speakers should have better overall design, box quality and cross circuit design is good, fine workmanship, components, materials used in very exquisite. Now, most of the speakers are made of wood, wood can filter the effect of a small amount of noise, but only a small amount, so dry should be.

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