Computer speakers have an echo?

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(1) Start → Control Panel →realtek high-definition audio configuration → sound effects → "environment" choose "No" on it, and then turn off the reverb on the stereo. Echo's knob, it's the smallest.

Sound is a profound knowledge, need to slowly understand, focus on the wisdom of everyone will be more efficient, let oneself become a master, give you recommend I like the stereo, first Dan take and stroll these two is still good, Dan take audio fakes More, must pay attention to distinguish; The walkers are now in the box process level can also, but the quality of the speaker, Objectively speaking, in the same price products, in these high-end manufacturers should be inverted. Bt-audio Rosy Home Theater is not bad, Rose is an American sound field theater, with excellent sense of spatial positioning and telepresence. The use of silent box technology and dynamic equalization Unit technology design, showing a surprising pitch, a strong sense of space sound field, needle point-like positioning ability, clear, powerful, no tone of the low-frequency and alarming dynamic range, the tone of each band.

The use of traditional Chinese mahogany home design concept, in terms of appearance and effect are called superior, is a true sense of the value of cheap theater.

(2) First speaker sound preliminary to determine the speaker no problem, and then you see your player has no sound effects, and then see if your computer audio has added sound, (such as: music boxes, corridors, rock, ...) If there is no problem, that is the computer chassis socket problem, because the general household computer speakers are divided into the left and right channels, if there is an echo, is left and right channel repeat, you plug a little bit outward, wait until the sound clear on the OK. Ask if you are listening to the song when the song did not sing, or the original singing voice echo very strong? If this is the case, the plug problem. (3) Look at the interface, do not look at the color of the line, the general Red interface to plug the microphone, the other two green and black (or dark blue) plug speakers. Echo and interface does not matter, if the wrong answer does not sound, the contact will be the squeak of the current. Estimation is the speaker problem, call to sell computer to let them repair speakers (or switch speakers).

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