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Small series in the use of speakers to listen to the song, found an echo of the phenomenon, how is it? On the Internet to find some information, and finally found a solution, the following small set to share with you the computer speakers have echoes how to solve the details, the specific contents are as follows:

In the computer speakers when the Echo, small knitting also think about it, but found the voice slightly larger, the Echo is also very big, simply can not listen to music, no way, can only find solutions, see Small series to solve the problem.

First, click on the lower left corner of the computer "start", and then find the "Control Panel" option inside, and then in the Control Panel to find the "Realtek high-definition audio Configuration" option, as shown in the picture:

Second, in the configuration interface, we set the environment to "none" can be. As shown in the figure:

Note: There may be other reasons for the speaker problem, such as: The Speaker itself, the computer system problems. I hope that we can check more, and then targeted to solve.

The above is about the computer speakers have an echo how to solve all the content, I hope to help you.

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