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common zoning methods so that novice users can quickly grasp.

It is necessary to note that the current common partition format has GPT and MBR two, respectively, corresponding to the UEFI and legacy boot mode, in general in recent years, the new machine default is the UEFI+GPT mode, because the GPT partition supports more than 2TB of large hard drive, and this format for win8/win8.1 New system features, such as/WIN10, are also better supported, such as security booting. For ordinary users, you may not be able to reinstall the system, such as LEGACY+GPT or uefi+mbr such a mix-and-match error, but some love toss "old gun" may forget to change the partition format before, and then cause the installation process will not allow the program to continue ... Here are a few common partitioning methods.

One, WIN7/WIN8.1/WIN10 installation program with partition tool

1, use the original system installation disk (not ghost version) to guide the computer

2, as an example of an unpartitioned hard disk, select unallocated space (SSD+HDD users need to distinguish the target hard disk according to capacity), click "New", the following figure-

3, given the size of the partition, MB, such as to be divided into 30GB area, write "30000", the following figure-

It's home alert: If your hard drive is big enough, system partitions can be more than 100GB, or use 128GB or 256GB of the size of SSD as a system partition, you can use full capacity, do not need to divide other areas, the value does not change, but it is considered to be a bit more insurance, even if it is divided into two areas (a single area of the system, software, files, etc.), in the event of an irreversible problem in the system needs to format the reload, and not all the documents will suffer.

▲ using GPT partitioning systems requires the creation of MSR and EFI partitions, the default is 128MB and 100MB, for reserving space and hosting the bootstrapper, etc.

4, the same way according to the above methods to divide other regions, if the use of MBR zoning, then only 4 primary partitions here, but if the use of GPT partitions, the number is not limited

▲ can be formatted after the partition, you can also directly point "next", the system will automatically format the selected system partition; Other unformatted partitions can be manually formatted after system setup is complete

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