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1. Is the BGP Route table mentioned in the BGP protocol a BGP table? Which table does BGP actually use to route data packets? Is it a BGP table or an IP Route table? Are there any relationships between the two tables? For example, are some entries in the BGP table placed in the IP Route table after certain conditions are met?
2. In BGP, do you refer to the BGP table project or IP Route table project for the routes obtained or advertised by the BGP router? What does BGP Router "use" in "XX route" mean? Is it to put entries in the BGP table into the IP Route table for routing data packets?
3. In the concept of "BGP synchronization", before synchronization, IBGP does not notify its IBGP neighbor of the route. Can it be notified after synchronization? Does it conflict with the BGP Split Horizon rule?
Billao's answer:
First, we need to figure out that route data packets always rely on Route tables.
1. The dynamic routing protocol includes BGP) is used to add table items in the route table through dynamic learning.
2. The BGP protocol can only be released with "best" items in the BGP table, but not all "best" items are released.
3. Synchronization means that EBGP is not released before synchronization. It is released to EBGP only after synchronization. What IBGP has learned will not be published to another IBGP unless it uses Route Reflection.

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