Configure Gitlab SSH non-port 22 port under Window

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git config--global"Jack"git config--global"[email protected]"Create a new repositorymkdirFROMAI_CNCD fromai_cngit InitTouchreadme.mdgit Add Readme.mdgit commit-M"First commit"git remote add origin [email protected]:d Evelper/Xxx_cn.gitgit Push-u Origin masterpush an existing Git REPOSITORYCD existing_git_repogit Remote add origin [email protected]:d EVELPER/Xxx_cn.gitgit Push-U Origin Master

This is the configuration above the Gitlab.

Windows installed git client, all Google's address here to provide a

After installation, because the server port SSH is not number 22nd so

First, configure SSH automatic login.

Ssh-keygen -t rsa-c [email protected]

Modify the method to modify the current user's home under the . ssh/config file

Vim ~/.SSH/Confighost ExamplehostnameExample.comport1234modify the. Git under the project file/config file: [core] Repositoryformatversion=0FileMode=falseBare=falselogallrefupdates=truesymlinks=falseignorecase=trueHidedotfiles=Dotgitonly[remote"Origin"] URL= [email protected]:d evelper/Xxxx_cn.git Fetch= +refs/heads/*: refs/remotes/origin/*

Finally, add the public key to the Gitlab

Cat ~/. ssh/id_rsa.pubssh-rsa aaaab3nzac1yc2eaaaabiwaaaqea1b0//onyokn6/ ss2xyummcbys9bnlfuyvhluya9k989juhshhtnaccu+fdnl3xgqbrtfykjr+yhw3bnqqla+oyjc12hoptcgklwwlrouy/ 5dloayatoxk0j4hk91zhinqkfcx0j/1aify9czjwhdaux48dhciqsqskqrpavc/ uonlit5xphr0hjdsi0wblfphtjrlzwoya8fcvwdc93bydhjk3pwscfcalh/69oi1bqqe+wewewexmsnv21+ 4ki5tdmdcgo5gagfyoq38tr2jm9khp1ro+5ekr/tw1qo9z1wjj6phb9dazfl2wnaiggfg1rnb0intqogh+cowbol3/+jbq== [Email Protected
Copy this to Gitlab.
In My SSH keys

git push origin master


2. Specify the saved file name when SSH key is generated
ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/ -C "email"

The above is the name of the file we specified, when the ~/.ssh directory will be more than two files, the store is the key we want to use.

3. Add and configure configFile additions configFile

If config the file does not exist, add it first, and then modify it directly.

touch ~/.ssh/config
In configFile, add the following content ( UserIndicates your user name)
Host *    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/ User test
#Default Git Host defaultgit    HostName IP Address #域名也可    User think    IdentityFile ~/. ssh /id_rsa #Second Git Host secondgit    HostName IP Address #域名也可    User think    IdentityFile ~/. ssh /id_rsa_second

Configure Gitlab SSH non-port 22 port under Window

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