Configure the FTP service in Linux (Red Hat 5.5)

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1. First, check whether FTP is installed in the system.ProgramPackage

Rpm-Qa | grep vsftpd

2If not, go to the installation CD directory.

CD/Media/CD name/Server

Ls | grep FTP

You will see many files with the suffix. rpm.

You can choose to install or execute rpm-IVH *. RPM to install all

3. Check whether the installation is successful after installation.

The following message indicates that the vsftpd service is stopped, indicating that the service is installed but not enabled.

[Root @ localhost root] # service vsftpd status

Vsftpd is stopped (vsftpd stopped)


4. Start the service

[Root @ localhost root] # service vsftpd start

Starting vsftpd For vsftpd:

Check again and find that the instance is in the starting status:

[Root @ localhost root] # service vsftpd status

Vsftpd (PID 4510) is running...

5. Start the FTP service automatically upon startup

Chkconfig vsftpd on

Service iptables stop firewall shutdown command

Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Enables root users to use ftp(Not recommended)

By default, the root user cannot use ftp, as shown below:


C: \ Users \ ThinkPad> FTP

Connect to

220 (vsftpd 1.1.3)

User ( :( none): Root

530 Permission denied.

Logon Failed.


Modify the/etc/vsftpd/ftpusers file, which records users who cannot log on using FTP, comment out the root user

Modify the/etc/vsftpd/user_list file and comment out the root user.

Note: The/etc/vsftpd/user_list file and/etc/vsftpd. the conf file is associated If/etc/vsftpd. in the conf file, userlist_enable = Yes (this is also the default setting ).

Users listed in the/etc/vsftpd/user_list file cannot use ftp.

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