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Red Hat Enterprise Linux Hardware certification Test Suite User Guide the Guide to performing Red hat Hardwar E Certification

Edition 2.0 Gary CaseRed Hat, Inc. hardware certification

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The Red hat enterprise linux Hardware certification Test Suite User Guide explains the procedures to Certify hardware on Red Hat Enterprise software. It gives an overview of the entire certification process, then explains you to set up the certification environment, test The systems or components being certified, and submit the results to Red Hat for verification. Background information is also provided, including the test methodology and results evaluation. 

1. The Red Hat Unified Certification Program 

1.1. Introduction 

1.2. Troubleshooting Issues and submitting Feedback 

1.3. Certification Process summaries 

1.3.1. Hardware certification Process Summary 

1.4. Before you Begin 

2. Preparing to Test hardware 

2.1. Choosing the Type of Certification 

2.2. Opening a Standard certification Request for previously untested hardware 

2.3. What is a hardware specification Entry? 

2.4. Opening Additional Standard Certification Requests for the Same 

2.5. Opening a SupplemenTAL certification Request from a hardware specification Entry 

2.6. Opening a supplemental certification Request when No hardware specification Entry Exists 

2.7. Opening a System pass-through certification Request from a hardware specification Entry 

2.8. Opening a System pass-through certification Request when No hardware specification Entry Exists 

2.9. Opening a Component pass-through certification Request from a hardware specification 

2.10. Opening a Component pass-through certification Request when No hardware specification Entry Exists 

2.11. How Red Hat creates the official Test 

2.12. Leveraging of Existing Test Results 

2.13. Preparing the Test environment 

2.14. Preparing Kickstart Files 

2.14.1. Preparing a Kickstart File to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Redhat-certification 

2.14.2. Preparing a Kickstart File to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and Redhat-certification 

2.15. Configuring the System Under Test 2.16. Configuring the local Test Server 

2.16.1. Using Locally-hosted pre-built Guest Files 

3. Testing hardware 

3.1. Scheduling and Running Tests with the Red Hat certification Tool 

3.1.1. Adding a Product to the Test Server from the Red Hat certification Catalog 

3.1.2. Adding a Product to the Test Server's "Sandbox" section 

3.1.3. Selecting and Running Tests 

3.2. Certifying for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

3.2.1. Testing a Server 

3.2.2. Testing a desktop/workstation 

3.2.3. Testing a laptop 

3.2.4. Testing a Component 

3.3. Layered Product Certifications 

3.3.1. Certifying for Red Hat OpenStack Platform Compute 

3.3.2. Certifying for Red Hat Storage Server 

3.3.3. Certifying for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for real time 

3.4. Submitting Results 

3.4.1. Automatic Upload from the Test Server 

3.4.2. Manual Submission 

3.5. Monitoring Certification Progress 

3.6. Completing certifications 

A. Appendixes 

A.1. Hardware Test procedures

a.1.1. 1GigEthernet 

a.1.2. 10GigEthernet 

a.1.3. 20GigEthernet 

a.1.4. 25GigEthernet 

a.1.5. 40GigEthernet 

a.1.6. 50GigEthernet 

A.1.7. 100GigEthernet 

a.1.8. Audio 

a.1.9. Battery 

a.1.10. BluRay 

a.1.11. CDROM 

a.1.12. Core 

a.1.13. Cpuscaling 

a.1.14. DVD 

a.1.15. Ethernet 

a.1.16. ExpressCard 

a.1.17. Fencing (Optional) 

a.1.18. Fv_core 

a.1.19. Fv_memory 

a.1.20. Fv_network (Optional for Sr-iov) 

a.1.21. Fv_storage (Optional) 

a.1.22. Info 

a.1.23. Kdump 

a.1.24. Lid 

a.1.25. Memory 

a.1.26. Network 

a.1.27. PCCard (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 only) 

a.1.28. Profiler 

a.1.29. Realtime 

a.1.30. Reboot (Optional) 

a.1.31. Storage

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