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At the beginning, the company was on the right track and had little experience in software management. Previously, daily work was only backed up using compressed packages. Therefore, we wanted to configure VSS, let it play a powerful role in version control.
The procedure is as follows:
1. remove the genuine Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition, insert the second chapter into the optical drive, and locate the vss_ss directory and double-click its setup. EXE to install the server, remember to install the path all the way to next.
2. Next, install the client. The network of the client must be installed after the server is installed successfully. Click "netsetup. EXE" in the main installation directory of the server to install the client over the network.

// ----------------------------------------------- The following is a simple version management operation --------------------------------------------------//
Step 1. log on to the vss_server database with the user guanchanghui and click Microsoft Visual sourcesafe 6.0
Step 2: Create a project named "t264 static library" under the root project. First, point to the first button in the upper left corner to create project, and enter the project name (t264 static library) in the project field, in this way, the project is successfully created.
Step 3: Set the working directory for the "t264 Static Database". According to the VSS operation requirements, the corresponding working directory is usually set for the project before performing related operations, then perform the VSS operation. Of course, if it is not implemented in accordance with this specification, VSS will remind you to set a working directory as necessary to establish the association between VSS and the working directory. Select "t264 static library" and click the set working folder button to set the working directory freely.
Step 4: add the files in the working directory to the project "t264 static library"
According to the concept of VSS, for the first time a file enters the VSS database, it must be added to the VSS database. In the future, access to the VSS database must be checked in. This idea is reasonable and is in line with people's habits. The first time you remember that you must add a file, you can check and get lastst version to modify it.
Step 5. vss's function of retrieving historical versions is also a feature that truly reflects the value of this software. Click file project difference in the directory or on a single file, you can get the code of a previous version.


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