Configure TP-link wn550g PCI Nic as Wireless AP in archlinux

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1. This Nic uses the chip set of atheros Communications Inc. ar2413 and can use the madwifi Driver ( ). The Linux kernel now has the madwifi driver named ath5k by default. However, this driver is faulty when the NIC is configured as AP. Therefore, we need to replace it with the ath_pci driver, which is also the driver in the madwifi project.
2. So, first Pacman-s madwifi-utils wireless_tools, then morprobe-r ath5k and ban ath5k in/etc/rc. conf (in modules! And the arch will load the ath_pci driver.
3. Configure the NIC. It is easy to configure the NIC to connect to the wireless network, but it is a bit difficult to configure the AP. Now, let's list the command line:

Wlanconfig ATH0 destroy> & amp;/dev/null
Wlanconfig ATH0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode AP> &/dev/null

Iwconfig ATH0 mode master Essid ericap freq 2.422g key s: qazwsxpl, okmi
/Sbin/ifconfig ATH0 netmask

In this case, OK.

4. Finally, I want to use netcfg2 to manage the above configuration content, but at last I found that netcfg2 could not handle these scripts. The profile File Syntax of netcfg2 provides configuration items such as pre_up, post_up, pre_down, and post_down. We can place commands such as wlanconfig in these configuration items, however, the netcfg2 script used to start the network does not take into account that the user will configure the wireless network card to the AP mode, therefore, these scripts are defective (for example, the scripts contain hardcode iwconfig ATH0 mode managed ). So later, I couldn't help. I put the above command line in/etc/rc. Local, and run it at startup.

There are a lot of valuable reference information on the website, problems can go to the site reference. In addition, according to my online search results, if I use a wireless network adapter for AP, the network adapter must support the AP mode. In this regard, madwifi and atheros are doing better, this may be the case for other NICs.


Note: The Wireless AP configured above uses the WEP encryption method. In combination with iptables and ADSL (Pacman-s RP-pppoe), a Linux machine can be used as a wireless route.

If you want to support the WPA encryption mode, you need to install the hostap software. For more information, see the hostap website.

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