Configure visual webgui in Vista IIS 7

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recently, I have been studying Visual webgui and installed vista for another 30 days. Therefore, I want to see if iis7 can use visual webgui as a special development method.
the result fails for the first time, and then you let it go without looking into the cause. I want to try again these days. I did not expect it to allow me to try it. Haha.

step: (basically the same as setting IIS6 in the help document of visual webgui)
1. Open iis7, select default web site, and find handler mappings in the main form, double-click to open.
2. After handler mappings is enabled, three handlers (managed handler, script map, module mapping) that can be added can be seen in actions on the right ), this time we use script map and select Add script map ....
3. Set script map, which has three blank spaces:
A. Request Path, and enter *. wgx. (It cannot be. wgx.)
B. executable, use the ISAPI *. aspx, "C: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll ". (I used Visual webgui for. Net 3.5,. NET 2.0 should also use this)
C, name, I used visualwebgui-page. I think this name is used to explain it. :)
4. After filling in the preceding three vacancies, click "request restrictions..." and remove the checkbox in the ing page. OK.
5. If there is another OK, you will be asked if you want to enable the ISAPI extension. if you add the ISAPI extension, you can enable it. Direct yes.

Finished. Set successfully! :) I am here. If you are there, try it?

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