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All gigabit routers have been gradually popularized in the market since 2011, to become the choice of broadband routers, gigabit routers can not only meet the higher external network access bandwidth requirements, at the same time with the number of machines, network data forwarding performance, anti-attack capability on all have excellent performance, as a network of export routers, With gigabit features, the network no longer has bottlenecks.

For many enterprises or companies in a lot of network management, or in charge of maintaining networks, all gigabit routers are still relatively unfamiliar, here we will introduce the next gigabit router How to configure, to achieve networking, speed optimization, improve network security, in-depth management purposes.

We have a better reputation in the industry Netcore Lei Division nr285g This router as an example, how to configure all Gigabit routers to play its outstanding performance and effectiveness:

One Connection network configuration

To get to the router, the first thing we have to do is physical connection.

If you are currently using the network router, you do not have to change the new router in a hurry, you can do the basic configuration, and then change it can be used, will not affect other colleagues on the Internet.

Gigabit routers to play a performance, the first thing to note is that the quality of the network cable port connection. It is recommended that the cable quality is above 5 line standard, if the network cable quality is low, the port adaptive for hundred trillion or even 10 trillion, then the performance of the router can not be played.

Connect a good computer network cable, Netcore Lei Division router has the function of automatically assigning URLs, you can only use your network card IP address settings in the "Auto Get" state, you get the IP address. The following can be configured.

First of all, we certainly have to do the most basic configuration, so that routers can access the Internet.

Enter "" in the browser, Username: Guest, Password: Guest, enter the following router configuration interface:

Most regular manufacturers of routers have a "quick configuration" option, generally set up a quick configuration, you can ensure that the computer can share the Internet. Double-click the Quick configuration icon to connect to the network settings.

Then click "Next" to enter the Setup wizard.

Here the IP address "" is the address you just visited the router, if you want to use a different network segment or URL, you can make changes here, you do not want to change what you can directly click "Next".

This assumes that your enterprise is connected to a 10M fiber. You can change the default bandwidth control at the same time to enable the QoS feature. This assumes that your company has 100 computers, we also set each host the default bandwidth of 100kb/s and 200kb/s respectively. When you allow this here you can also not set bandwidth control, in the future, the detailed settings will be mentioned in the later QoS settings.

The following is the WAN port setting.

Here we choose "Static IP" access mode, enterprise fiber or special line is often this way. ADSL or pon most of the use of PPPoE method, the specific way, you need to confirm with the operator.

In the case of a "static IP" access method, as shown in the above figure, enter the static IP address obtained from the operator, the default gateway and its corresponding region's primary/from DNS (operators provide this information, if it is PPPoE mode, the operator will provide the account number and password).

When you have finished setting up your network, check the System State 〉〉 interface Setting 〉〉 interface mode to see if your network is gigabit:

As shown above, "connection" means that the network connection is good; at the same time can also see the word 1000M, if the display of 100M, please confirm whether the network cable is super Five line, on the end of the device support gigabit; You can also watch nr285g rj45led lights, green light means hundred trillion, yellow light is the 1000M.

If not gigabit, please make sure that the network cable is not a problem, or whether the device is Gigabit device, if the device is not gigabit device, it is a normal phenomenon.

After the device configuration is installed, you can use it normally. Now you can open a Web page to see whether the Internet, if not, please check the settings are correct and the line is normal.

Two speed optimization configuration

If you are a home user, the above set of course can be used, but the enterprise use in addition to consider the general Internet, but also need to ensure the quality of the Internet office. Therefore, it is very necessary to set QoS.

By configuring the QoS (Quality of Service) function to ensure the smooth flow of various network applications, to solve the problem when many people access to the Internet, employees are very card:

As shown in the figure input external network line bandwidth information, and enable intelligent QoS, to ensure the smooth implementation of various network applications:

Default host control Bandwidth: Set up behavior 100kb/s, under the behavior of 200kb/s, specify the default bandwidth per host, generally enough, of course you can be more your needs to make changes, the average speed limit of each of the total bandwidth/total network of Computer X3, otherwise the use of poor results;

Default host elastic Bandwidth: The uplink and downlink are checked, the remaining bandwidth can be evenly distributed to the host requiring bandwidth;

Elastic bandwidth occupancy rate: At this point, the uplink and downlink are set to 80%, which can improve the utilization of the remaining bandwidth;

Burst flow: The same will uplink and downlink are checked, this can improve the Web page, video opening speed.

At the same time, by enabling "intelligent priority", you can give priority to forwarding small packets with short response times, such as games.

After the above settings, your company's internal quality of the Internet has been guaranteed, you can avoid the staff often respond to slow speed, Internet card troubles.

Three network security settings

Enterprises to surf the Internet, the flow of all commercial data, security is very important. Here to introduce you a few tips to solve your network security worries.

First of all, through ip/mac binding, can prevent unfamiliar computer access, while preventing intranet ARP attacks, its configuration is as follows:

Select "Prohibit Internet access for unbound Ip/mac" and click Add.

As shown in the figure to add John Computer MAC address and IP binding, the advantage is that we can at a glance to guide the John Computer Connection and use. Not good, is this setting, need a Taiwan to carry on, compare trouble.

Provides the "one-key binding" feature, choosing ARP monitoring.

As shown above, click on "bind all" to quickly achieve online user ip/mac and binding.

Again, now the hacker is prevalent, prevent attack also very important, we can enable the related function of attack defense, in order to prevent the external network DDoS attack, ARP intranet attack and so on

To do the above two steps, the router itself built-in firewall, we build a high security gateway, and then through the proper use of "host monitoring" and other daily tools, can prevent the problem, let our network free from security problems.

Four Internet behavior control

Complete the first three blocks of Setup, the General Enterprise online guarantee is completed, network management can also rest assured. But I'm still here to paddle snakes. Introduce some of the functions of daily use. Because now gigabit enterprise router has been very powerful, not only to meet the sharing of the Internet, there are many management functions can be used, once the rational use of these features, you will not be the network, including business management will be promoted.

In order to improve the efficiency of employees, you can choose to limit the following functions in the working hours: games, chats, Peer-to-peer, video. We can start with a time period set as follows:

Set the time period for Internet behavior management According to the diagram: "Working hours".

Click "Block all" to block the use of all chat software, or choose to block alone.

Obviously, we all block all QQ, have the use of QQ and customer contact colleagues will be more troubled, the boss may not be happy too:). Fortunately, Lei division router in addition to the QQ black and white list of functions.

Blacklist: Without blocking the case, limit the number of landing QQ;

Whitelist: Block the case, allow the landing of the QQ number.

In most cases, we use the white list, first register a good job need to use the QQ number, and then configure the white list, it can be.

As shown above, add QQ blacklist and whitelist separately, MSN White blacklist setting method and QQ black and white list set method consistent.

At the same time can view intranet QQ landing records.

Chat Tools Limited, we can also game, Peer-to-peer, video and other work-related programs in the time limit, set the interface as follows:

The above setup is complete, and the world is clear! But I have some interesting features to introduce. such as electronic bulletin function, you can at any time in the intranet to issue notices. is not found by email notice is not timely, telephone notice too tired, QQ group notice some people do not receive it? Use a notification tool:

Click the "Add" button to add an announcement message.

As shown above, enter a "Spring Festival holiday notice."

Click "Add" in the "Bulletin Setup" above to set up the posting way of the post.

As shown above, set the announcement mode, announcement time, user announcements and other parameters.

In this way, as long as users use a browser to surf the Internet, the notice will automatically bounce out, hide also hide, is not more efficient?

Other also has the stock software filtering, the website classification management and so on function, really too many, here no longer enumerates.

Five-stage Maintenance management

In addition to configuring the above features, the day-to-day maintenance tools provided by some routers are also important. In the normal operation of the network, we usually have to pay attention to the use of the network state, the employee's up and down line speed, traffic, etc., here needs the host monitoring function.

The figure above shows the number of hosts in the intranet, the total speed, the number of connections, traffic, and so on, to understand the use of the bandwidth of the extranet.

The above figure shows the intranet each host's connection number, the up and down row real-time speed, the total flow and so on, may order these data, simply clicks the above title, can carry on from big to small or the big sort, facilitates the network management to find who occupies the most bandwidth.

Ping and tracert tools

The significance of the ping here is to exclude the internal network of computers, switches and other complex factors, directly inside the router ping extranet, simplifying the network environment, more conducive to networking, tracert tracking routing This function is the same.

Virtual services (port mappings)

Port mapping is a common feature in the LEI router, for example, there is a remote video surveillance application, if you want to see from the outside the network real-time monitoring of the enterprise, you must pass the port mapping, the rules can be casually, IP address is the internal network of the Monitoring server address, the external port is access from the extranet need additional ports ( Customizable, preferably between 2000-65534, and the internal port is the port that this program needs to use.

Finally, for security purposes, set up a secure router's account password

Summary: The introduction is here, although not all the features of the configuration to use, but the main features are mentioned. Basic configuration, Speed guarantee configuration, security defense configuration, Internet Behavior management .... Already a lot.

I believe you read, on how to configure the use of the hands of the Gigabit enterprise router has some heart, may wish to try it!

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